Uh Oh..

People send me all kinds of stuff. I try to at least skim most of it. Some of it’s interesting. Some of it’s not. Some of it rates a Rod Serling intro.

That being said, I received some material today that may fall into the category of ‘All of the Above.’ It has to do with the “militia – patriot movement.”

Are you or do you know an Oath Keeper, Three Percenter, or member of the Sovereign Citizens movement? Then you’re part of the Uh-Oh list. We know this becuz Citizens For A Clean Harbor says so. E.g., “This is what we are up against.”

Don’t take my word for it. Read it for yourself:



Now. Interesting? Not? Cue Rod Serling? What say you?


*** UPDATE 5:14 p.m.***

Just for kicks and grins, compare what the good folks at Citizens for a Clean Harbor have to say about these groups vs. what these groups have to say about themselves:

Oath Keepers- About

The Three Percent – What Is a Three Percenter?

The Sovereign Citizen Movement.

While you’re at it, you may want to delve into Posse Comitatus a bit more. (If you’re super-duper bored, see: The Posse Comitatus Act, The Constitution, and Military Enforcement of Drug Laws.)



2 thoughts on “Uh Oh..

  1. Do they refer to the “right wing of the Right” (like they are not the “Left wing of the Left”)? Does this come from the party of “make half the people dependent” on the other half? They worry about part of our society that is concerned with following the constitution, instead of their own side that is consistently violating it? Is it more important to stop the flow of Oil or prosperity which fuels our economy, or allowing that which encourages and creates economy?

    I have met a few of both, the Citizens for a Clean Harbor and a couple of professed Patriots and I know which one I would want at my side, and my back, to truly save our nation. Think they are just jealous that their men don’t have balls and their women do—or maybe they truly don’t know which bathroom to use.



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