‘Dear Abby’ and The Kamikaze Caucus


They’re baaack.

Yes, friends, the local Komikaze Caucus has had it with the Queen of Chappaqua. They’re feelin’ The Bern. They’re so ‘berned out,’ they’re plugging a hit piece on their own presidential front-runner. (Thanks to an alert reader for forwarding this.)

Dear Democrats, FYI

If you are supporting Hillary you need to take time to watch this video.

If you still support her after watching this my question is why.

If you don’t support Hillary this informative video is more reason not to.

Click on image to watch


Newsflash: The prez front-runner for the Party of Debt, Dependency and Decay is a career corruptocrat and serial flip-flopper. We know this becuz uber lib babe Abby Martin says so. And, hey. If you can’t trust an uber lib, who can you trust?

The good news: You don’t have to suffer through all 27+ minutes of Duh moments. I already did. Summary: Hillary is soooo evil…. D.C. insider, master of the media machine, corporate ties, Super Pac$, super delegates, Goldman-Sachs, Wall $treet buckos. Bill and Hillary exploiting themselves for “corporate loot! “$5K per minute” speaking fees. Kissinger endorsement. “Fat cat banker donors.” Empires domination. The war in Iraq. Sanctions and subversion. She’s to the right of Obama on Iraq. “Masked and sinister.”  “Insane Democratic inversion” (but I repeat myself).

Don’t tell anyone, but Hillary even “shares advisors” with “Republican war hawks” like Ted Cruz.

Oh, the horror!

Dear Abby also offers this stunning assessment on Ms. What Difference Does It Make: “No one should trust her standards.” At about 26:02.

I know what you’re thinking. Dear Abby just produced a sterling GOTV video for the GOP.  But she also includes the requisite dig at Ronald Reagan and the usual “racist” diatribe, too.  Martin also exposes Hillary’s close ties to – gasp! – Henry Kissinger. You may not know this, but according to lefty loon Martin, Shrillary is also best buds with “Dubya.”

Oh, the horror again!

You gotta give Grays Harbor DemoLibs some credit. I mean, come on. Where else can you enjoy such searing blasts of eloquence as this brilliant double negative:  “If you don’t support Hillary this informative video is more reason not to.”

Mega kudos to the Kamikaze Caucus for promoting a video that lays out the case against its party’s front-runner so crisply. Way to go.