Did Monte Mayor Manipulate Hiring Process?

Kudos to Montesano Mayor Vini Samuel for clearing up any lingering doubts about the interview process for the city’s CFO. You may recall this position was recently filled by Vini bud and Anybody But Estes cheerleader Doug Streeter.

Check out this portion of a February email convo with the mayor on the topic. Obtained via public record request (the whole smack – or what’s allegedly the whole smack – appears below at the link):

Regarding the other applicants, here’s my advice. I think our town has learned from past experience that bringing in an outside person to head the city administration doesn’t fly well in this close-knit community. Therefore, I would like to consider interviewing all Monte applicants so everyone has a fair chance to tell their story.” (Emphasis added. See below –  page 6. While you’re at it, take a gander at page 5. Dated February 3.  From The Vinster.)

Montesano Interview Notes

Translation: All those Hoboken apps got chuck-ified or second-tiered, no matter how qualified, in favor of the mayor’s golden boy? (Remember, people are absolutely “giddy.”) Oh, and that “chatter around town”? Can’t have any of that now, can we?


Who knows, we may be surprised. Besides, if any of those dreaded out-of-towners – Aberdeen, Elma, Hoquiam, Westport, Cosi or Timbuktu residents – “got an interview but were not chosen, and then still complained, it would be more of a poor reflection on them than you!”

Is this place great, or what?








Image credit: Wikipedia. By HannibalOwn work. Creative Commons license