What Monte Mayor Didn’t Tell You About ‘The Great City Hall Makeover’

To hear Mayor Samuel tell it, Montesano taxpayers got a bargain in her recent remodel project – furniture, paint and framed photos in her office “didn’t cost taxpayers a nickel.” Besides, It looks great!

Not so fast. There’s more to the story.

Mayor Samuel’s April 21 letter to the editor, Budget Problems Not Caused By Mayor’s Spending, is cleverly worded. It’s also misleading, giving the impression that her recent remodeling “didn’t cost taxpayers a nickel,” period. As in, zip, zero, nada.

That may be true – if the topic is her office – and her office only. But there’s more here than meets the eye. Like, What about the rest of the building? Just how much did The Great City Hall Makeover a la Vini cost, en toto?

Curious, Yours Truly submitted a public record request asking the City of Montesano to provide costs “associated with city hall remodeling projects from January 1, 2016 to the present. Please include costs for paint, carpet, labor, furniture, demolition/construction, and any staff time.”

Montesano Remodel Costs PRR

Doggone if the mayor didn’t leave out a few items. To the tune of roughly $8,000 that she DID NOT spend on city hall remodeling. Did not, did not, did not! (It’s actually about $7,900 and change if you add it all up. But who’s counting?)

Apparently a nickel buys a lot more than it used to.

Montesano Remodel Costs

As for The Vinster’s assertion in her April 21 LTE that former Mayor Estes repeated a “falsehood” regarding new furniture in her office in light of the above? You really wanna go there? 

While we’re on the subject, what do you make of the Mayor laying off two deputy clerks who didn’t jump on the Vini for Mayor band wagon with both feet while she’s retaining a $110K/year CFO who was practically driving the thing? You’ve been told that the general fund is in crisis.  The Great City Hall Makeover a la Vini was going to help? A Preview of Coming Attractions?

While we’re on the subject again, what else is The Vinster not telling you? Depends on what the meaning of “i$” i$?



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