Costs Mount in ‘Great City Hall Makeover’

Told you I’d have an update on $$$ associated with The Great City Hall Makeover a la Vini that didn’t cost Montesano taxpayers a nickel. Here it is:

Monte Staff Time $pent on City Hall Remodel

Cliff’s notes version (cut to page 7):

  • See What Monte Mayor Didn’t Tell You About the Great City Hall Makeover for initial costs on this endeavor (roughly $8,000).
  • New documents obtained via public record request show that 79 hours of Public Works staff time were spent on this project.
  • PW staff time in January and February 2016 included “painting, moving desks in and out and painting of hallway.”
  • Total PW hours for The Vinster’s city hall remodel bill out at about $2,000.

So, while Mayor Samuel & the Kum Ba Yah Chorus cite budget woes to justify sacking two deputy clerks who were loyal to her predecessor – no payback there, right? – she spent a total of roughly $10,000 in a frivolous remodel of city hall.

Remember, folks. The General Fund is in crisis.