Cruz Suspends Campaign – Now What ?

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I’ll let you in on a little secret. Listening? Good. Here it is: I’m tired.  Call it Post-Indiana Gloom. A You Have GOT To Be Kidding blue funk. A Hoosier State Primary Upchuck. Specifically, I’m tired of:

  • Lemming-like lock-steppers who are more loyal to a party than they are to a constitutional republic
  • Loafers and Lazies
  • Sean Hannity
  • RINOs
  • Mind-numbed Branch Trumpidians chanting “Make American Grate Again” (that’s not typo)
  • A pandering, self-serving serial whiner, flip-flopper, Twitter sleaze merchant, Constitution-impaired Obama Lite candidate masquerading as a “Republican” – whatever that means. No one seems to know anymore.

Methinks Ben Shapiro hit the right note on Il Duce-NY by tagging him “a carnival barking psychotic narcissist with tyrannical tendencies, no understanding of the Constitution, a willingness to pander to despicable racists, and a gut-level allegiance to leftist social policies.”

So let me save you time. Let’s cut to the Question Du Juor: Now that the only constitutional conservative in the presidential contest has suspended his race and the GOP front-runner is a flim-flam con man, where does that leave constitutional conservatives?


Good question. Anyone else sick to death of having to choose between “the lesser of two evils” in the General Election? Dole. Bush. McCain. Romney.

Oh, and don’t you just love how Camp Donald is now “interested” in vetting John Kasich, whose sole purpose in staying in the race post-Ohio was to siphon off votes from Cruz, for veep? (I know. I’m shocked, too.)

Been there. Done that. Bought the T-shirt. So here’s the deal: If “lesser of two evils” is the choice in November, I choose to not vote for evil at all. I’ll write in Ted Cruz if I have to. I refuse to be forced to choose between a criminal or a con man. Not gonna happen.

As for the Pasta (limp noodle) Argument that not voting for Mr. Let’s Make a Deal ensures a Hillary win, here’s a little newsflash: That ship has already sailed. Yes friends, Hillary is crushing Trump in the polls. Duh.

Anyway, you do what you want. But I’m getting my pen ready.  Cuz “as for me and me house…”

This goes out to the heaviest hearts… It’s Not Over Yet.


2 thoughts on “Cruz Suspends Campaign – Now What ?

  1. “I’m going to take my bat a go home” has never been a winning strategy in politics. A no vote is a vote for Hillary. If eight more years of Obama style government is what you want, you have made the right choice.
    You and I seldom disagree, but I can’t go down that road with you, it’s a dead end.


    1. Hey Em, I respectfully disagree. A vote for Donald is a vote for Hillary. Not going down that road. It’s a dead end.


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