Let’s Move Montesano Forward Without ‘Free’ Wi Fi


We try to be good sports here at Conservelocity. You know, Team Players. Especially when it comes to boosting the local economy and creating jobs. We’re delighted to hear that Montesano Mayor Vini Samuel feels the same way. So delighted, in fact, we figured we oughtta give her a hand. In the interest of partnership and all. A quick refresher:

In her April 21 column, Let’s Move Montesano Forward With Free Wi Fi, Mayor Samuel said:

Free Wi-Fi is a part of a plan to draw more of the four million people passing Montesano to pull off the highway and stop.

She also said she’s “happy to partner up with any local business or community group who wants to make things happen. Whenever I hear complaints, my reaction is to ask, “What would you do instead?”


If you have an idea, I want to hear about it. Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas.

Our city has to form more partnerships—with the school district, local businesses and community groups. That’s how we will move forward, together.

Mayor Samuel also asked, What else might get them (tourist types) to stop?

Glad you asked, mayor. Cuz I’ve got an idea. (Just thought I’d help out, since you’re all about “partnerships” and hearing ideas. )

This idea is simple. Easy. It won’t require an “exclusive sponsor agreement.” Or new carpet. It won’t alienate local businesses. And the county, not the city, is the work camel on this puppy (not to mix metaphors or anything).

Ready? Good. Here it is: Promote Twin Bridges County Park.

I know, I know. It wasn’t on Queen Vini’s campaign hit parade. The park isn’t within Montesano City limits. But it’s darn close. Think within an angry mule’s kick. Just off the Devonshire exit, on 29 County Farm Road. If you can find the Fish & Wildlife facility off Highway 12, you can find the park. In fact, it’s about a two minute drive off the Devonshire off-ramp (I timed it).

Bonus Points: Twin Bridges is within walking distance of Montesano. Close enough to get ice cream for the kids at Gene’s Stop ‘n Go. Maybe grab some Italian at Gepettos. Mexican food at El Rancho. Pick up groceries at Thriftway. Get a hair cut at Pat‘s Hair Fashions. Pop in for pizza at Westside Pizza. Pick up whatever at the Dennis Company. Buy a car at Whitney’s. (You never know.)

And because no campfires or camping are allowed – day use only – guess which nearby town Mom and Dad are most likely to drop their dough into when it comes to feeding the kiddos after an active day of exploring and enjoying the great outdoors, Twin Bridges County Park style? (Hint: It’s within an angry mule’s kick.)

Heck, tourists may enjoy the park and its surroundings so much, they might decide to extend their stay and book overnight lodging in dear old Montesano. (That’s called “revenue.”)

Commented county park guy Mark Cox on Monday, “It’s going to be a great addition to the county and I think it will also benefit Montesano.” Commissioner Frank Gordon concurred, noting “You could walk there” (to the park) from Montesano. “It’s the neatest looking park in the county,” he said.


Tourist and fam-friendly features include:

  • Easy entrance and egress on a newly gravelled roundabout
  • A full time on-site caretaker
  • About 8 old, refurbished wooden picnic tables, with 6 new metal ones on order
  • Direct access to the Wynoochee River
  • Several hundred feet of gravel bar with a gentle decline.
  • No sharp drop-offs into deep water, so safe wading for little ones
  •  The Wynoochee River is clean

No play structure currently exists within the park. But Cox hopes to put a new one in future, pending funding. Ditto a walking trail through the forest. “It’s going to be a fantastic place for the kids to explore and play,” said Cox.

According to Cox, future plans for the park – pending $ -may include:

  • Barbecues
  • A boat launch
  • Direct park access off Devonshire, eventually
  • A new park play structure  (If it includes monkey bars, I call 1st dibbs!)

Opening Day is set for May 26, hopefully. Just in time to snag some of that coveted tourist traffic around Memorial Day weekend. Whaddya bet that at least some of that traffic – as well as local use – will benefit Montesano businesses located within an angry mule’s kick of park boundaries?

Yea, verily.  How ’bout twin marketing Montesano and Twin Bridges as a win-win partnership? You can’t beat the price. One other thing. No “free” Wi Fi required.

That’s how we move forward, together.