City of Monte$ano Leads Per Capita Pay Pack

We like to be helpful here at Conservelocity. You know this because we’ve told you. So, when we heard that the City of Montesano was laying off two deputy clerks to help solve its budget woes – wink, wink–  we thought we’d pitch in. You know, lend a hand. That’s what friends are for, right?

So we did a little digging. We asked five cities within Grays Harbor to provide current annual salary data for their respective police and fire chiefs and city administrator/finance directors/CFOs (some cities do not have city admins). Cities contacted were: Aberdeen, Elma, Hoquiam, Montesano and Westport.  Benefits and accruals were also requested (I have that info. If you’re just dying to know, holler.)

And guess what? The City of Montesano lead$ the per capita pay pack by a wide margin for $alaries for $elect public $ervants within parts of Grays Harbor.

Obtained via public record request, the data show that annual salaries for the positions noted are often highest for city administrators/CFOs. Of the select cities and salaries surveyed, including select public officials at the county level, Hoquiam’s City Administrator Brian Shay topped the list with an annual salary of about $128K. (Hoquiam’s City Finance Director makes roughly $103K.) Sheriff Rick Scott makes an annual salary of not quite $119K.

But here’s where it gets interesting. Check out the  per capita comparison. Just taking Montesano, Hoquiam, Elma and Aberdeen into account, it looks like this (add 30% for benefits for Montesano):

Salary Comparisons (Per Capita)

Salaries Per Capita

Here’s how it breaks out:

The City of Aberdeen, pop. about 19,371, pays its Police Chief, Finance and Fire Chief $6.47, $6.01 and $6.16, respectively, per capita (assessment for each citizen in the town based on wage/population. Benefits not included).  Aberdeen Salaries

The City of Hoquiam, pop. 9,452, pays its Police Chief, Finance, and Fire Chief $11.12, $10.89 and $10.81 respectively, per capita. Hoquiam Salaries

The City of Elma, pop. just over 3,000 in 2014, pays its Police Chief and Finance folks $20.93 and $18.14 per capita. Elma Salaries

The City of Montesano, pop. 4,000, pays its Police Chief, Finance, and Fire Chief a whopping $23.25, $27.50, and $23.13 respectively, per capita. Monte Salaries

Streeter Compensation

Mayor’s Response

Just for Fun:

 Westport Salaries

GH County Salary Sked (Cut to the chase on page 3.)

So, rather than trying to balance the Visneyland budget by laying off two clerks, here’s an idea: take a second look at the high-dollar salaries made by department heads per capita. Ask: Why were two deputy clerks laid off when department heads are so overpaid for the county? I mean, hey, if ya’ll are going to “restructure,” you may want to “restructure” more than just two deputy clerks.

You’re welcome.


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