County Commishes Ski Into Summer


Ready? Set? Ski! As in, jet ski races are coming to Grays Harbor this summer.

That’s the word a la this morning’s Board of County Commissioners meeting. Dan Lindgren, citizen, was on hand to discuss a permit application related to jet ski races at Vance Creek County Park in August.

The race weekend is set for August 6, 7. Set up is August 5. Noting that fishing season is done by then and “the weather should be good,” Lindgren explained, “There are lots of good reasons for the date.” He said the August event would be “the final race of the season before world championships in Lake Havasu.”

In response to a few complaints about a similar prior event at the park, Commissioner Wes Cormier said he pulled the resolution that permits commishes to hold/approve such events (they’re in the clear).

At the morning meeting Lindgren added, “We try to take really good care of the (park) property.” He said he had “about 50 people” walking the site, post-event, to pick up trash. Others commented that the lake area where the jet ski races were held was left “cleaner than they found it.”

You may want to break out the sun screen.

Also this morning, three representatives from the Grays Harbor Master Gardeners Program discussed the program a la a proclamation on the commishes’ afternoon agenda. The proclamation proclaims May 23 – 29 as “Washington State University Master Gardener Volunteer Week.” The reps were Elizabeth Sims, Barbara Porter and Charlene Hood.

Started 43 years ago in King and Thurston Counties before making its way into Grays Harbor a few years later, the Master Gardener Program was described as “equivalent to one long, hard university – level class.” It focuses on “research-based gardening” and horticulture. With 90 active members in GH in 2015, Master Gardeners also hold public workshops and teach people how to start and maintain a garden. The program has expanded across the country and into Canada, according to the reps.

The proclamation commending Master Gardeners for their community service as volunteer educators was approved unanimously this afternoon.

Al Smith reads letter on Wishkah Road Flood Wall Project at afternoon commish meeting.

Also this afternoon, Mr. Al Smith (above) presented/read a letter addressed to Commissioner Frank Gordon. The letter thanked Gordon for his “exemplary action” related to the Wishkah Road Flood Wall Project. Smith’s letter, which he said was also copied to Grays Harbor state legislators, thanked Gordon for “using his communication and leadership skills to move the project forward.”

Don’t forget: There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony for Twin Bridges County Park next Monday aft., May 23, at 3:30. (Hi, Vini.)

Off agenda, I hear the new pizza place in Seabrook is delicioso! Esp. their bacon pizza and breakfast pizza. The latter includes pesto sauce, bacon, cheese, fingerling potatoes and cooked eggs. Don’t forget an appetizer: roasted asparagus wrapped in prosciutto.

All this right before lunch.

Adding fuel to the proverbial (food) fire, Commish Cormier said he had biscuits and gravy at a weekend event in Elma. “It’s the new requirement on Mondays,” joked Commissioner Vickie Raines. “Frank, what did you eat (last week)?” she joked.

Personally, I think they should bring in samples. Maybe with skis. What say you?

Now for The Important Stuff:


Don’t say I never gave you anything. 😉