‘Queen Vee & the Brown Shirts’ -or- Montesano Clerks Speak Out, Part 3


Conservelocity pulled back the curtain on Camp Vini last week, revealing that all that glitters is not gold in yon fair hamlet of Montesano, particularly with regard to the “lay-offs” of two deputy clerks.

Montesano Mayor Vini Samuel’s spin machine ricocheted into overdrive over the “lay off” kerfuffle. When challenged, Samuel tried, straight-faced, to brush off the lay-offs as a budget-cutting move.

The clerks’ side of the story was largely ignored. Buried. Until the two clerks, Chelsea Anthony and Ashlee Sund, told their story here in the two-part series: EXCLUSIVE! Montesano Clerks Speak Out (Part 1) and THEIR TURN: Montesano Clerks Speak Out (Part 2).

And lemme tell ya, did that ever “rake in the ratings.”

But wait. The saga continues. Check out this toe-tappin tune from Queen Vee and The Brown Shirts. It goes like this:

During a May 19 interview, Ashlee Sund said that after coming back from vacation in early May, she tried to log in to her city email and found she’d been locked out:

“I couldn’t log in to my email. The password was changed 11 days ago, on a Sunday, May 8, while I was still on vacation in North Carolina.”

Sund Screen Shot

Sund further notes that her lay-off date is May 31. She has been locked out of her city email since May 8 – while she’s still on payroll and a city employee.

Chelsea Anthony was also hit by The Great Password Switcheroo – apparently the same day:

Anthony Screen Shot
Anthony Screen Shot

Says Anthony: “Said it was changed 11 days ago… however my last day is supposed to be tomorrow” (May 20).

Inquiring minds want to know: Who’s changing passwords for two clerks’ city email accounts, apparently at city hall, while they’re still on payroll, on a Sunday?

Read more at EXCLUSIVE! Montesano Clerks Speak Out (Part 1) and THEIR TURN: Montesano Clerks Speak Out (Part 2)

What’s going on at city hall? What’s up with Queen Vee and the B.S. band?

And the beat goes on…