County Commishes Talk Leads & LEAN


The county commissioners’ regular meeting was hopping this morning, with representatives from non-profits and county electeds flying in and out of the conference room like 747s at SEATAC.

Two representatives from the Grays Harbor Dispute Resolution Center, Astrid Aveledo and Donna Hallock,  attended the morning meeting. The DRC is a non-profit organization serving all of Grays Harbor regardless of the client’s ability to pay. Its mission is “to help clients find peaceful ways to resolve conflicts and hopefully transform relationships,” according to Hallock. They also do workplace conflict resolution.

The ladies were on hand to update the commishes on the work they’re doing with the funds provided. Also to discuss two specific DRC programs, the Parent-Teen Program and the WIIT (We’re In It Together) Program.

Conducted through juvenile court, the Parent-Teen Program is a two day workshop that’s an option instead of detention. It teaches participants how to “regulate their emotions,” understand what upsets them and why, and how to assume responsibility for their emotions and behavior. The WIIT program focuses on the same demographic. “We’re leading the state in this area,” said Hallock.

Commissioner Vickie Raines suggested they look into collaborating with the Aberdeen/Hoquiam Truancy Boards/Youth at Risk, possibly to serve as a liaison between the boards, the school districts, and parents/families. “Any preventive work that can be done is a big help,” she said.

County Auditor Vern Spatz attended the morning meeting to talk about staffing issues in his office. Basically, there’s too much to do in this election year and not enough people to do it. “It’s an unusual year,” he said. “This is not normal. We’re struggling.”

Spatz said one employee in his office is out on surgery. Another, the Recordings Lead, is leaving “in about three weeks.” He said, “We’re getting the exchange you all wanted. However, we do have an election going on.” And lots of other stuff.

He asked the commishes to authorize him to move forward on filling the Recordings Lead vacancy. “I’m asking that we act on this quickly,” he said, noting a “minor savings” in salary but an increase in training costs.

Following a brief discussion, Commissioner Wes Cormier moved to approve Spatz’s request. Raines seconded. It passed unanimously. Spatz thanked the commishes for their action on the Recordings Lead. His request for a part time Office Tech 1 will be revisited in June.

Isn’t this fun?

Don’t forget:

Twin Bridges County Park officially opens to the public this Thursday. I was there last week. It’s pretty nice.

There’s a Special Meeting for “LEAN Academy” training calendared for Wednesday, May 25. Associated with the State Auditor’s Office, the academy helps counties address efficiencies in processes and provide input for improvement. The meeting is open to the public. It will be in the large meeting room, beginning at 9:00 a.m. RVSP if you plan to attend.

I’m mentioning this cuz it’s right before lunch. Frankly, my stomach thinks my throat’s cut. That’s probably why I’m telling you that the commishes are pitching in to provide eats for Wednesday’s special meeting. Commissioner Cormier volunteered to buy pizza. Commissioner Raines said she’ll bring Danish. Commissioner Frank Gordon joked that he’d bring beer. (See? I told you these peeps aren’t that scary.)


Also, there aren’t  any regular Monday meetings next week due to the Memorial Day holiday. The first evening commish meeting commences on Monday night, June 6, at 6:00 p.m. Think 6-6-6. (Ack.) This is your chance to dive into the local political scene after work hours. Evening meetings will continue on a once-a-month trial basis through November. Monday morning meetings remain on the calendar at the regular time – 9:00 a.m.

ALSO: BALLOTS are due back tomorrow, May 24.