Why Was Montesano Clerk Placed on “Administrative Leave”?

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The hits just keep on coming out of Visneyland.

You may recall that two deputy clerks were recently “laid off” as a “budget-cutting” measure by The Vinster & Co. The two clerks, Chelsea Anthony and Ashlee Sund, told their story in the two-part series: EXCLUSIVE! Montesano Clerks Speak Out (Part 1) and THEIR TURN: Montesano Clerks Speak Out (Part 2)

Well folks, guess what? Sund just received word today – May 26 – that she’s been placed on “administrative leave” by the Poster Child for Over-Priced Everything, Montesano CFO Doug $treeter. Apparently $treeter “thought it would be easier on me,” says Sund.

Ain’t that sweet?

Explains Sund, “Today (May 26) was my first day back. He ($treeter) gave me the news verbally and when I said I needed something in writing he generated this. This was just after lunch around 1:30.”

Admin Leave

The salient portion reads:

Ashlee, you will be on paid administrative leave the afternoon of Thursday May 26th through Tuesday May 31, 2016 which coincides with your last day of employment.

Question (besides the obvious): Why is the CFO handling personnel matters? Just wondering.

Sund continues:

When I showed up today my first day back, I got through the main door with my key card. But the door code to our office was changed so I had to knock a couple different times on Doug’s office door to get in. He was taken back answering the door claiming he thought I was out for the week which I clarified was only until Wednesday. When I sat at my torn apart spot where my desk previously was I couldn’t get into my computer the password was changed. When I said I needed the password he claimed to not know it was changed and then grabbed a paper with my password on it. I knew he was aware because his login name was on my login computer screen. I said I also needed my password for my email and he stated the IT guy would be in so I took it upon my own hands to call the police department and he happen to be over there. When he came Doug wanted him to reverse the disabled email of mine. Doug was in the clerk’s office doing all of the Teamsters Union 252 work.

Question #2: Does the union know about this?

Sund was one of two clerks who committed the heinous crime of being loyal to The Vinster’s predecessor.

Nothing to see here, people. Move along, move along.