GUEST AUTHOR: ‘Parting Shots’

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We like to be helpful here at Conservelocity. Whether it’s pouring out a nice steamin’ hot shot or pointing out our comment policy to the Troglodytes, we’re all about sharin’ the love. Like this. Via a special guest:

Thanks for letting me share some of my thoughts on your blog.

In the first place is  Teri Zillyett kidding or is she too busy sipping her morning espresso to notice that Montesano under the new administration is going to hell in a hand basket?  In her “newsflash” she had the nerve to correct you so it made me think about her.  Now she is a teacher but also one of the people that as principal protected Tyler Trimble isn’t she?  I heard that it cost her the position so she should know how it feels to have “bad manager decisions.”

I digress. With Vini and her vindictive lay-offs of whom I am one, exclusive Wi Fi sponsorships, sweetheart deals, paybacks, corruption, etc. – and Teri is all bent out of shape over an espresso stand?

– Nasty and negative? Actually Teri, I think you have this site mixed up with a couple others, like an ex-editor’s site and his washed-up sidekick’s. Those 2 existed for the sole purpose of trashing the former administration. They made careers out of “nasty and negative.” In fact, if “Nasty and negative” was an Olympic sport, they’d bring home the Gold.

– Anonymous? Oh, like your favorite FB group, Monte Watchdogs? Give me a break.

This was a comment by the lovelyMs. Terri Zillyett on a Conservelocity post:


“Newsflash: If I were to oversee this site, I wouldn’t allow grammatical errors – guest author or not!
Double Newsflash: I’m not one to take to heart what someone writes, yet doesn’t have the “manly/womanly courage” to attach his/her name to it.”

What a crock Teri.
You would be better off to defend pedophiles and leave the coffee stands to someone else.  Oh wait daddy bought yours didn’t he?   Go back to Jr. High

Chelsea Anthony