FRIDAY FUN 2Fer: ‘Master;’ 6-6-6 at County


It’s a Friday Two-Fer: A Grays Harbor County Commission Reminder + a little Master & Commander.

First things first:

Tired of not knowing what’s going on in county government? Wringing your hands in despair cuz the Monday afternoon Board of County Commssion business meetings are smack in the middle of your work day and your boss would go nuclear if you took time off to attend?

Have we got a deal for you.

The first 2016 evening meeting of the Grays Harbor County Commission commences on Monday night, June 6, at 6:00 p.m. in the large meeting room of the county admin building, 100 W. Broadway Avenue, Montesano. Think 6-6-6.

This is your chance to dive into the local political scene after work hours. Evening meetings will continue on a once-a-month trial basis through November. Monday morning meetings remain on the calendar at the regular time: 9:00 a.m.

So stop whining. Put on your Big Boy/Girl Pants and get yerself over to the county admin building at 6:00 Monday night, June 6.

Got that? Good. Cuz here’s part 2 of this week’s Friday Fun. From Master and Commander. (If you missed that, you missed a darn good flick with a stand-out performance by Russell Crowe). Throwin’ this in for free. Just cuz it’s fun:

One last-ish thing on The Fun Front. According to the County Auditor’s Office, a career corruptocrat edged out a bonafide socialist in the DemoLib presidential beauty contest here on the Harbor – by ten whole votes. Why is that?