Commissioners Host Evening Meeting


Fourteen people showed up for tonight’s evening meeting of the Board of County Commissioners. That number includes four members of the traditional media and two county staff members – Public Works Director Joseph Seet and Facilities and Utilities Supervisor Mark Cox. While not exactly voluminous, the number of audience members represents an increase of roughly four times the usual turnout for afternoon meetings.

Newsflash: A Republican, a republican (not a typo), a Democrat and an Independent/NP shared the same back table. We all played nice.

Westport resident Ray Brown spoke during the first public comment period. He offered the commishes kudos for scheduling the first Monday, once-a-month evening meetings and reaching out to the public. “(I) just wanted to give you an atta boy for trying,” said Brown.

The business portion of the meeting wrapped up in about 15ish minutes. It was followed by the usual media Q and A in the small conference room. During that session, one woman and an Aberdeen hig school student both commented that they were interested in the meetings and county government, but weren’t able to attend afternoon meetings due to work and school. They expressed appreciation for the new schedule. It will continue on a trial basis through November.

The media Q and A session concluded at about 6:35. It seems everyone was anxious to enjoy the sun or hit the beach – or couldn’t stop laughing. Go figure.