Democrat Hypocrisy on Orlando

Dual tragedies rocked Orlando, FL this week. A massacre at the Pulse nightclub on Saturday. A two year-old boy snatched by an alligator at a Disney resort beach. Both attacks were deadly. Both are horrifying.  The Democrat/Liberal/Progressive (affectionately dubbed “DemoLib”) response to both tragedies highlights the glaring hypocrisy of the DemoLib approach to just about everything – and the mind-numbing ignorance of the mainstream media on guns.

Post-Pulse nightclub massacre, the usual suspects fairly leapt to the microphones to decry the “assault weapon” used by Omar Mateen in the mass shooting. The media had a collective meltdown over how “easy” it is for any nut job to purchase a gun.

It took about a nano-second for high-level DemoLibs to jump into the fray.

Speaking in Cleveland on Monday, Shrillary Clinton said…

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