FRIDAY FUN: 10 Good Things About Grays Harbor

Ocean Shores
Ocean Shores

Time to take a break from Ms. “I did not send or receive any classified email,” The Donald and Co. Today we’re offering “What’s good in Grays Harbor.”

You know you can’t help yourself. So let’s dive in with the latest and greatest (in no particular order). Don’t forget to chime in with your choices in the Comments section.

  • Johns River Wilderness Area: A favorite local hiking spot that may be one of Grays Harbors’ best-kept secrets. Located near the Ocean Spray cranberry plant off Highway 105, nestled between Markham and Ocosta. Don’t miss the old pioneer cemetery.


  • Humdingers. Best onion rings in town. Note: Eating these puppies sans fry sauce is a federal crime. Or should be. Tip (throwin’ this in for free): Reese’s peanut butter cup Polar or banana splits with double hot fudge. If you’re weight-conscious, hold the banana. Located in Hoquiam at 104 Lincoln Street. Click here for more.
  • Damon Point, Ocean Shores. Four miles of beachfront walking. Water on three sides.
  • Sunset Memorial Park. This Hoquiam site probably won’t top most normal people’s “good things” list, for obvious reasons. But if you’re looking for a quiet, contemplative spot to soak up some rays (in season) and recharge, this is the place. It’s almost always deserted, ‘cept for a few meandering deer. Don’t drive. That’s cheating. Walk. It’s a good cardio work-out. The park also offers a splendiferous view of the harbor as you crest Sunset Loop. A peaceful place to scarf down some o-rings with fry sauce. Just sayin’.
  • Hoquiam Library staff. You already know that I live at the library. Or pretty close. After all, some of my favorite dead people reside there. On the shelves. (If you didn’t get that, see me after class.) Anyway, Hoquiam library staff are ever-cheerful, responsive, and incredibly efficient. They offer a unique blend of thoroughly professional and thoroughly friendly at the same time. Always available and ready to answer dumb questions without making you feel dumb (trust me on this one). Mary, Sarah, Christine and Laurie know all my favorite authors and keep an eye out for “just published.” Remind me to get them a medal.
  • Makarenko Park, Cosmopolis. I love this park. Not sure why. I just do. Probably has something to do with that Spanish Riding School thing. Find out more here.


  • Harbor Rescue: “Saving people, one dog at a time.” Have never been a big feline fan. (There’s a reason no one ever describes a cat as “man’s (or woman’s) best friend.” Duh.) But this outfit, which I connected with recently, does good work rescuing dogs. Check ‘em out.
  • The Burton C. Ross Memorial Rose Garden. Lilliputian in size, this garden pours out sweet fragrances by the truckload, lighting up the site like neon signs when the rose bushes are blooming. (That would be now, folks.) A beautiful spot. Located on the grounds of the Polson Museum at 1611 Riverside Avenue in Hoquiam.
  • A secret. Okay, so it’s not exactly a secret now that I’m telling you. But here it is: A quiet little hillside deck offering killer views of the landscape, plenty of shade, and “front row seating” for some of the most spectacular off-the-river sunsets ever. A great place to enjoy a good book and a sasparilla. Or Ghirardelli’s. Perched on the hillside above the Polson Museum, beyond the first landing with the Really Big Tree and up the wooden stairs (don’t tell anyone).

What good things about Grays Harbor can you add?

This post originally published on August 21, 2015.



2 thoughts on “FRIDAY FUN: 10 Good Things About Grays Harbor

  1. The Quinault Rain Forest just has to top this list!! Olympic National Park (ONP) tries like hell to make the Hoh Rain Forest the “top dog” in park attractions. You will see more elk, deer, waterfalls, historic sites and “services” in the Quinault Rain Forest than the boooooooooring drive into the Hoh, and then back out that same road!!!!!!! LOL

    ONP just can’t bring itself to admit that the Quinault Rain Forest is the largest revenue generating attraction it has. It just chaps their @ss that Quinault/grays Harbor gets the benefits of this tourism revenue.

    You think I am acting out of paranoia in regards to ONP’s prejudice towards Quinault’s/Grays Harbor’s treasure???? Check the list of advertising brochures in federal state and county tourism centers and you will see full page adds on the Hoh Rain Forest with not even a mention of the Quinault Rain Forest.

    Quinault Rain Forest should top this list!

    Oops, almost forgot; STOP WILD OLYMPICS!!!!!!!


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