Here’s How Dallas Shootings & ‘FBIGate’ Are Linked

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The Rule of Law and those who uphold it took twin beatings this week.

The Rule of Law cracked and crumbled along Clintonian fault lines on Tuesday as the Marquis de Hillary received yet another pass on yet another scandal. Two days later, Micah Johnson shot 12 Dallas police officers, killing five.

Facts are still coming in on Thursday night’s shootings and “FBIGate.” Details remain sketchy. But let’s be crystal-clear on one thing: Neither the FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation to not prosecute Hillary Clinton or the shootings in Dallas are “hardware” problems. They’re symptoms of a national “heart disease”:

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One thought on “Here’s How Dallas Shootings & ‘FBIGate’ Are Linked

  1. You have nailed it! The bible has been very clear what happens when a nation looses it’s moral compass. This are things needed to be said. Thank you!


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