My Primary Picks

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Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Nice today.


Closer to home, it’s that time again. Yours truly is skipping merrily through the primary ballot as the race to November gathers steam.

As promised, here’s my version of Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down on local and statewide races and questions. Let the games begin! (If you don’t see a specific race here it’s because I don’t care or I’m keepin’ my powder dry for now. My picks are in italic.)

First things first: Grays Harbor Proposition 1, the “Local sales and use tax for public safety, criminal justice, fire protection and basic government public services.”

Haven’t heard much about this puppy? Here’s some background:

The Grays Harbor County Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution awhile back placing a county sales and use tax increase on the ballot. The idea was to let voters weigh in on whether or not they wanted to tax themselves more in order to fund public safety.

According to the sample ballot, the proposed increase is three-tenths of one percent (0.3%). If passed, proceeds are to be split between the county (60%) and cities (40%). At least one third of this additional funding shall be used to preserve the current level of criminal justice or fire protection purposes, and to provide for future anticipated needs.

Are you wondering about that final clause, too?

Our household was split on this one. One of us chose “Reject.” I’ll let you guess who that was. While you’re busy guessing, just two words here: “Hospital district.” Remember that one? All that the “sky-is-falling” scare-mongering? Look how that’s played out. Do we really need an encore from a similar script?

Now to the fun part: Candidates!

U.S. Senator, 6-year term.

Incumbent is Patty Murray (D). You have got to be kidding!!

My pick: Chris Vance (R)

U.S. Representative, 6th Congressional District (Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Kitsap, Mason, Pierce). Partisan Office 2-year term.

Incumbent is Derek Let’s All-Sit-Around-the-Campfire, Hold Hands and Sing Kum-By-Yah Kilmer (D).

My pick: Todd Bloom (R)

Governor. Partisan Office 4-year term.

Are you kidding me again??!! This is a no-brainer for anyone who’s been paying attention to the state of the state for any length of time. Say, 20 minutes or so.

My pick: Bill Bryant (R).

Lieutenant Governor. Partisan Office 4-year term.

Incumbent is Brad Owen (D).

My pick: Philip Yin (R). Young and vivacious. Sharp as a tack, with beaucoup experience where it counts (outside Olympia, in the real world).

Secretary of State. Partisan Office 4-year term.

Incumbent is Kim Wyman (R). My pick: Kim Wyman.

State Treasurer. Partisan Office 4-year term.

My pick: Michael Waite (R).

Attorney General. Partisan Office 4-year term.

Incumbent Bob Ferguson (D) has used and abused his office to push a partisan political agenda and punish dissent so often, I lost track. Basically, anybody but him. That leaves Joshua Trumbull (Libertarian).

19th LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT (Cowlitz, Grays Harbor, Lewis, Pacific, Wahkiakum)

State Representative, 19th LD, Pos. 2.

Re-elect Brian Blake (d). That’s a small “d.” Intentional, not a typo.

State Senator, 19th LD. Partisan Office 4-year short and full term.

Incumbent Dean Takko (D) has been in Olympia since shortly after the discovery of fire. Time for a change.

My pick: Sue Kuehl Pederson (IND/GOP).

24th LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT  (Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson)

State Senator, 24th LD. Partisan Office 4-year term.

Also a no-brainer. Majority Whip Kevin Van De Wege (D) threw his hat into the ring after Sen. Jim Hargrove announced his plans to retire from the seat he’s held since the Pleistocene Age.

A 10-year incumbent who hasn’t had new idea in 11 years, Van De Wege is a Seattle special-interests captive. He also has a well-worn track record of doing the Pavlovian Partisan Two-Step. Btw, when’s the last time you saw this guy on the Harbor?

He’s also a big spender. (Surprise, surprise.)

Danille Turissini is an independent voice with fresh ideas. She’s a proven community leader and bridge-builder who will represent the people rather than dance the lemming party lock-step.

My pick: Danille Turissini (Independent GOP).

State Representative, 24th LD, Pos. 1. Partisan Office 2-year term.

George Vrable (R).

State Representative, 24th LD,  Pos. 2. Partisan Office 2-year term.

Tired of the same old, same old? Vote John Alger (GOP/IND).


Still with me? Good! Remember to vote both sides of your ballot.  The usual levies for funding police and EMS services,, appear under “Local Issues” and “Fire District.”

On a side note: Note the number of contested PCO (Precinct Committee Officer) races on the ballot. I count six. All are Democrats. Why is that?

Ballots drop July 15. They’re due back by August 2.  You can find a sample ballot here.

One other thing.  I haven’t decided on court/judicial positions yet. Can I get back to you on that?


List of Candidate Filings