Where There’s Smoke: Why Obama Needs The Chaos

White Lake fire camp A; Photographer unknown; 1953

Baton Rouge. Dallas. Orlando and Ferguson. Bathroom confusion. End runs around Congress. Rules for thee but not for me – or my cronies. A southern border that leaks like a sieve. The JayVee team. Benghazi.

These and more are all legacies of the Obama Administration, so much so that some write off President Pants on Fire as a moron. An inept bungler who doesn’t know his head from a sand wedge. Be careful with that.

Mr. Brooks Brothers may look like an empty suit. But he’s not. And he’s not stupid, either. In fact, a good argument can be made that the Redistributor-in-Thief knows exactly what he’s about.

The kind of chaos, confusion and government dependency that have popped up like overnight mushrooms under the Obama Regime are no accident.  Or the result of galactic inept blundering. They’re perfect – if you understand the apparent end game. Start with Saul Alinksy (note Rule #3). Then tip-toe over to:

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