An Open Letter to Donald Trump & Friends

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Dear Friends:

You missed the Big Dance on Wednesday. The chance to “unify” the party. Grasp the art of subtlety. Show some class. Do something other than pitch a collective fit because you didn’t get your way.

At least you’re consistent.

So Ted Cruz didn’t utter the “e word” for Donald Trump during his speech in Cleveland. Big freakin’ deal. Did you really expect a passionate, principled conservative to suddenly jettison his passion and principles for the sake of political convenience?

Get real.

No, the Texas senator didn’t accuse Trump’s dad of helping Lee Harvey Oswald shortly after the Kennedy assassination. Drag Trump through National Enquirer mud. Fire up another venomous hashtag campaign. Brutally savage his family. Launch vile, vicious personal attacks like black flies dive-bombing a summer picnic.

In short, Ted Cruz wasn’t Donald Trump.  Thank God.

By the way friends, did you miss the content of Cruz’s speech? Were you so fixated on hearing a single word that you missed what was easily the best, most substantive convention speech thus far?

For those who are “blasting” Cruz for not “endorsing” Trump, get a grip. Give a listen to New Gingrich’s comments following the senator’s address. In case you missed the substance, Gingrich points it out for you. Too bad you’re too busy swinging the “unity” sledgehammer to catch that subtlety. Pity.

While we’re on the subject, kindly spare me the sanctimonious pledge breaking” caterwauling. Herr Trump beat everyone to the punch on that one.

Meanwhile, some of us are old enough to remember the 1976 Republican convention when Ronald Reagan very nearly snatched the nomination from incumbent Gerald Ford. Trying to draw comparisons between then and now, some allege that Reagan “endorsed” Ford during his August 19 speech. Except for one thing. It never happened. But thanks again for demonstrating the difference between a three year-old and a Trump supporter: You can reason with a three year-old.

Speaking of which, I remember that convention. I remember that speech. I remember Gerald Ford. And Donald, darlin’, You Are No Gerald Ford. Heck, you’re barely a “Republican.” Whatever that means. No one seems to know anymore. (Remember how 1976 panned out for Gerry?)

Sanctimonious caterwauling and Trumper Tantrums aside, something remarkable was on display at Quicken Loan Arena on Wednesday night. In a political landscape too often littered with caving, rudderless compromise and spineless jellyfish, courage and integrity took center stage.

For those who paid attention, Ted Cruz did exactly what he’s been doing for years: Stare down the political establishment. Stick to his guns. Refuse to kneel before the altar of political expediency. Instead, he encouraged constitutional conservatives to turn out in November and vote their conscience. (Translation for Branch Trumpidians: turn out in November and vote your conscience.)

No, Ted Cruz did not do the easy thing on Wednesday night. But he did the right thing. Going toe-to-toe with the haters, he refused to back down and dump his core convictions, stooping to the level of “endorsing” a New York carnival barker. In so doing, Cruz emerged as the undisputed leader of the modern conservative movement.

Ted, ya done good.


14 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Donald Trump & Friends

  1. Good story, a bit bitter, but regarding the subject of Cruz, I thought he did a very good speech. He did say “vote the ticket-up and down” which I though he was saying, Trump is better than Killery.

    Sure I would have voted for Cruz if he was the convention choice, but Trump delivered the message to the people, that received the largest popular vote of Republicans – ever. Now if we can capitalize on that, rather than letting the liberals create a larger welfare state followed by becoming a defeated ISIS state, maybe we can slow down the destruction of this country until Cruz gets elected in the future. Remember we have an 8 year presidential term limit!

    Oh yes I am very impressed with the future Vice President–Mike Pence and with Donald, Jr. Both well spoken and very intelligent.

    One of the things I like about Trump–he knows to pick people under him–hope that extends to Supreme Court Judges!!! Clinton’s will be removing rights through regulation. Imagine getting a permit so you can write this blog? Ug!


      1. Spoken like a true “Establishment Republican.” at least you are a team player and will support the “Peoples Choice.” I thought I was the most conservative guy on the Planet, but I can’t for the life of me understand the neo conservatives’ my way or the highway attitude. They must know Trump is the only hope we have to stop Hillary and save our Republic and Supreme Court.


  2. I voted for Cruz in the primary, I was puzzled why most GOP members of Congress hated his guts, now I understand. Ted is a self centered bag of wind. Politics is a team sport, and if you want to win you have to be part of the team. This election is not just about Trump vs Hillary, we can correct that mistake in four years, no matter who wins. It’s about who will be appointed to the Supreme Court. Presidents come and go, Supreme Court Justices go on forever.
    America, as we know it, cannot survive a President Hillary Clinton. I think we all need to think about that.


  3. I agree, he made a great speech. That’s Ted Cruz; eloquent and wise beyond words. But…….he betrayed us! He, like the other GOP candidates gave his word that they would support/endorse (one and the same word to me, a simple man) the one that received the nomination.

    We are in deep poop if conservatives lose this election. And we don’t get that done without Cruz and his supporters.

    I’m very disappointed in him, a man I supported as soon as Ben Carson was no longer a viable option.

    I’m sorry, but Ted took his toys and went home to pout. Dammit!

    We had a really, really good thing going.


    1. ((We had a really, really good thing going.))

      Which was what?

      Cruz did the best he could in a no-win situation. He congratulated Trump on his primary win. He urged people to get out and vote in November. He didn’t say anything negative about Trump. He encouraged people to vote their conscience up and down the ballot. To the best of my knowledge, neither Cruz nor any candidate pledged to endorse the nominee, but to support the nominee, and not to run third party. By any reasonable definition, that’s exactly what Cruz did. Gingrinch pointed this out.

      If encouraging people to vote their conscience and for those who’ll defend the Constitution isn’t good enough, is that because Trump may not fill that bill? And if he doesn’t, whose fault is that?


      1. Right on Keith. Cruz did betray the party, he broke his pledge to support the winner. Following his conscience? BS. Both Cruz and the mysterious Eowyn had their hearts set on winning the nomination. When it didn’t happen they took their bats and went home.
        We can’t win elections with the likes of Cruz and Eowyn.
        Perhaps the party would be better off without them.


  4. Well, we had momentum. And we appeared we were heading towards unity. That’s a really, really good thing right now. Anyway, it certainly seemed that way to me. I was eagerly expecting that unity to come full circle with a voice of support from Ted. It didn’t. And with that we are losing the votes I believe we desperately need to win this election.

    I agree with the earlier writer that this election is all about the Supreme Court and the future of America. And Cruz’s refusal to voice his support for the GOP selected candidate is worrisome at best. If he had problems with supporting Trump he should have settled that issue before the convention.

    But who ever believed Donald Trump would be in this position a year ago? Anything can still happen. Let’s just KICK 🤓SS!!!!

    The one thing missing on this November ballot? TERM LIMITS!!!🤓

    Have a great weekend everybody!


  5. ”He stood alone against this terrible foe. And I thought to myself then…there is one who I could follow. There is one… I could call king.” from The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey


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