Cleveland & Carry On: Lessons From The RNCC

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Feeling a bit down-in-the-mouth following The Greatest Show on Earth in Cleveland? The detritus of that three-ring-circus may continue for awhile. But let’s look on the bright side. It was rather instructive. After all the dust cleared/clears/is clearing/okay, mud – the RNCC showed us:

  • How to turn red into blue in four days
  • How to kick principled conservatives to the curb
  • How to pitch a collective hissy fit that’d do any three year-old proud
  • How to expose faux conservatives
  • How to separate the wheat from the chaff

Bonus points: Cleveland also revealed those who’ll happily sell their souls for 30 pieces of political expedience (hi, Susan Hutchison).

Coming out of Cleveland, the “Hold your nose and pull the lever for Trump, because Hillary…” crowd may have increased exponentially. But did the GOP lose its collective soul in the process? Is the RNC/DNC merger now complete? Is it worth it?

While you’re pondering the above, keep your chin up. All is not lost. Signs of life remain. In fact, the silliness and chicanery surrounding the RNCC Ziegfeld Follies may be the best thing to happen to courageous conservatives in years.

Principled conservatives are refusing to bow down and worship at the altar of Zod. They’re connecting, post-RNCC. Finding others who aren’t gonna dance the Lemming Party Lock-Step. Are willing to buck the tide of political correctness within a party that’s betrayed them and their values.

Principled conservatives are sending messages to party leadership. Donating elsewhere. Focusing on state and local races. Supporting candidates who adhere to and promote constitutional fidelity and conservative principles.

Like the original political upstarts who refused to live under the yoke of British tyranny, courageous conservatives are casting off yokes of faux party loyalty and blind allegiance. They’re waking up and ramping up. They’re refusing to be cowed. Roll over and play dead. They’re finding their backbone. And firing back. (ICYMI it the first 6,289 times I said it, let me reiterate yet again: No one is saying “take your ball and go home.” If you’re still stuck on that refrain, kindly go back and re-read the last few paragraphs. That’s okay. I’ll wait.)

A word of caution here. For those willing to stay in the fight and remain true to your convictions, consider the price tag. Chances are good that your circle of “friends” may have shrunk, post-convention. It may shrink further. Standing on principle and thinking for yourself can be expensive. But the alternative is even more costly.

Buck up. Consider those who were willing to pay a similar price: Sam Adams. John Paul Jones. Patrick Henry. George Washington, Nathan Hale and Thomas Jefferson. Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys. Thomas Paine. And oh yeah. Most of these guys.

So be of good cheer, patriot. You’re in good company. Carry on.




*If you don’t get this, kindly re-up your supply of Spencer Tracy.




2 thoughts on “Cleveland & Carry On: Lessons From The RNCC

  1. Hold on now! I don’t believe supporting Donald Trump is going to result in shrinkage of my backbone. Nor will it cause my friends and I to dissolve our friendships. LOL………that’s laughable.

    If I didn’t truly believe that a Democratic win in 2016 will bring to an end the US as we know it, I would seriously consider continuing to support Ben Carson or perhaps Marco Rubio or maybe even Ted.

    But I’m tellin ya, if the Dems win this election, it’s alllllllll over baby!


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