‘Laid Off’ Monte Clerks Not Layin’ Down


Remember that Top 10 hit rolling out of Visneyland, The Mayor Did Not Fire Two Deputy Clerks Because They Were Loyal To Her Predecessor, Did Not, Did Not, Did Not, dum-diddy, dum-diddy do?

Well, guess what?

The two clerks, Ashlee Sund and Chelsea Anthony, aren’t taking that lyin’ down. Matter of fact, they’ve retained legal counsel. Matter of double fact, their attorney recently fired off a letter to the Teamsters Union about filing a grievance against the city cuz them thar good folks at the union couldn’t be bothered to do so.

And the hits just keep on comin.’ ‘Fize you, I wouldn’t unlace my dancin’ shoes just yet.


2 thoughts on “‘Laid Off’ Monte Clerks Not Layin’ Down

  1. I am impressed with these ladies. Class shows! I treated employees fair: misbehaving employees who followed Union disciplinary rules were mildly disciplined, not fired nor their positions eliminated. These ladies were not laid off because of low funds in the General budget, as most of their funding came from the Utility budget. In truth they received no more benefits or favor than any other union employee, but were apparently singled out by one or more jealous employees, who persuaded the new administration to remove them from employment. They followed the rules and were punished, because of their alleged “friendship” with the past administration. I stand ready to support their actions and wish them well. Thanks for keeping us informed CONSERVELOCITY!

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    1. Thank you for the support Mayor! It’s much appreciated. I would be OK with being laid off if it was for truthfull reasons. But it’s not so here we go. The Union doesn’t want to help us so they will be forced to.


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