Here’s What I’d Like To Know…

Good morning friends. Time to rise and shine and crystal-line (new word I just made up).

While we’re on the subject – sort of – let’s get one thing crystal-clear, shall we? Like this:

I’m sick to death of Conservatives being told we must support Crummy Candidate A, or Atrocious Opposing Candidate B will win.

That’s support based on fear.

So here’s what I’d like to know: When does the Atrocious Opposition start fearing us???



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3 thoughts on “Here’s What I’d Like To Know…

  1. I’ll take “crummy over atrocious any day.
    Once again this is all about who will be appointed to the Supreme Court.
    Now that’s something we should all be fearful about.


  2. When everyone to the right of the Atrocious Opposition joins together (like the Atrocious Opposition joins together) rather than spinning into factions like we do?

    Can you imagine what it would be like IF pro-gun, pro life, pro liberty, pro conservative, anti socialist, anti terrorist, anti communist, anti Obama, anti Clinton, anti UN, pro America people would unite – that would put fear into them!


  3. They do-now! Bluntly………scared spitless!

    But I am to.🤓 And there ain’t nuttin’ wrong wit that. I discovered in ’69/70 that fear can bring out the very best in us all.

    The best to ALL of us in this election! But the VERY best to Donald!



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