3 Options After Cleveland

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Emotions are running as high as a kite in a hurricane over last week’s RNC Convention, especially the inner-squad brouhaha related to Ted Cruz’s Wednesday night address.  Some insist that Cruz committed political suicide with his Vote Your Conscience speech. Others counter that Cruz represents the only spine in the Party of Jell-o.

Then there’s Donald Trump himself. Il Duce-NY proclaimed that although a unified GOP might be nice, he doesn’t really need it to win. He plans to woo Bernie Santa Claus Sanders voters into the fold instead. Adding further weirdness to the three-ring circus, Trump said he doesn’t want Cruz’s endorsement. And won’t accept it even if offered.

Note to Branch Trumpidians: Trashing Cruz and his supporters may not be a great tactic if you’re looking to bring them into Camp Donald. Just sayin’. Ditto insisting that conscience voters dump their consciences and core convictions so they can line up behind Oompah Loompah Grande.

Let me illustrate. …

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