PRIMARY Results: ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’

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If you’ve been growing old waiting for primary results to roll in tonight, wait no more. Initial results are in for Grays Harbor. Not a lot of surprises here. Results panned out pretty much as expected. Here are the highlights (or lowlights, depending on how you look at it. If you don’t see a race here it’s probably cuz I don’t care.) All in all, the red side of the aisle did reasonably well:

Proposition 1: Passed with about 54% of the vote.

Grays Harbor County Commission Races:

District 1 – The GOOD: Snagging a whopping 54.44% of the vote, incumbent Wes Cormier (R) coasted to a primary night victory over Democrat challengers Al Smith (21.9%) and Jamie Nichols (23.66%).  The top two go into the general in November.

District 2: The UGLY – Challenger Randy Ross (NP) up-ended incumbent Frank Gordon (D), 61.3% to 38.7%.

U.S. Senate: Chris Vance (R) grabbed almost 30% of the vote to incumbent Patty Moron’s (D) 47.69%. Both advance to the general in November.

Governor: A tighter race than Jay-Jay would like in Grays Harbor, this is encouraging news for the red side of the aisle here. As of this writing, Inslee is hanging on to a razor-thin lead over Republican challenger Bill Bryant in Grays Harbor, 41.64% to 40.25%, respectively. Statewide, it’s about 62% to 38%, respectively.

Congressional: Todd Bloom (R) will face off against incumbent Derek Kilmer (R) in the general. In a lop-sided win for the incumbent,  Kilmer posted about 51% to Bloom’s 18.49% in Grays Harbor.  District wide, Kilmer took about 59% of the vote to Bloom’s 24%. Republican Stephen Broadhead came in at about 14% in Grays Harbor.

Lt. Governor: Good news here with Marty McClendon (R) leading the field at 25.55% of the GH vote. He also leads the pack statewide, edging out Cyrus Habib (D), 20.34% to 19.58%. (A little inside scoop here: McClendon got big support from the Washington State Cruz Crew. Go figure.)

State Treasurer: Michael Waite (R) did well both locally and statewide. He leads the field in Grays Harbor (27%) and statewide (25%). Is it the Aussie accent?

19th LD State Senator: Dean Takko (D) easily beat out Sue Pederson (R), about 57% to 41% in Grays Harbor.

19th LD Representative (Pos. 1): In Grays Harbor, Jim Walsh (R) trounced incumbent J.S. Rossetti (D), about 38% to  29%. The race tightened district wide, with about 30% Walsh to Rossetti’s 25%.

19th LD Representative (Pos. 2): Incumbent Brian Blake (D) stomped Jimi O’Hagan, roughly 58% to 36%.

24th LD State Senator: An interesting race here. As expected, House Majority Whip and uber lib Kevin Van De Wege held off Republican Danille Turissini, about 57% to 43%. In fact, these aren’t bad numbers for an R in a blue-ish district. District-wide, it was about 62% to 38%. But I ain’t heard no fat lady sing. (‘Fize you, Kev darling, I’d be lookin’ over mah shoulder.)

I’m taking nominations for “The Bad.” Hello?

The top two finishers in each race advance to the general election in November. The number of registered voters in the county, according to the county auditor’s web site, is 39,537. 10,381 votes were cast. That’s about 26% voter turnout. (That’s really, really lousy, folks. In case you’re wondering. Let’s step it up in November.)

Most levies also passed easily. The one exception was the Fire District 14 EMS Excess levy, which lost by roughly three points.

The next tabulation is set for August 5. The certification date for this primary is August 16.

Is this fun or what?