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Pat with flagThis is the RNCC story you didn’t get from the media. The following is by Pat Tarzwell of Mason County. Pat served as a delegate to the RNC Convention in Cleveland.  His unvarnished, first-hand report comes straight from the floor and the rest of the circus. Used by permission:


I have to admit to a large amount of naiveté!  I actually thought that I was elected to go to Cleveland to represent the people that voted to send me there.  I mean I worked hard for this, I went through 3 separate elections to get there.  So color me foolish.

The RNC set the tone early on. Even before the majority of the delegates arrived, the rules committee threw around their weight. With better parliamentarians and very well paid lawyers from the Trump campaign, the piddly little grassroots never had a chance.  If anyone thought that Trump was an outsider, well I hate to burst your bubble, he is not.  The combination of his head up the butts of the RNC and theirs up his, it really is hard to know where one begins and the other leaves off.

But I digress.

On Sunday morning our state rules committee members let us know that they got killed in the meetings, and that there will not be any chance to free the delegates and that not one of us will have any say whatsoever, on anything. (them’s the rules).  But they did have a minority report that we should fight for.  That was all about an attempt to close Republican primaries across the nation.

We were so subversive that we wanted to have only Republicans chose the Republican nominee (I know right, the nerve of us pee-on’s, [intentionally spelled that way]).  Well that was unacceptable for the GOP. You see, that would be an admission that it really did happen this time and The Donald is not the golden boy that some think he is.


Well since that was not going anywhere, We the Little Folk asked if we could just incentivize states to close their primaries by giving additional at-large delegates to the states that have or changed to closed primaries. Still too far!  So when the vote was to come to the floor we would do our duty to fight for the people that sent us there.

Sorry, I am getting ahead of myself.

A funny thing happened on that very first morning with the first vote and a temporary convention chair.  Now, I am not sure who all these radicals were who did not fall into line.  But some of We The Little People (guilty as charged) decided that Mitch McConnell was not a good choice for temp chair.  So when the voice votes were taken, (from down on the floor anyway), it sure seemed like the nays had it by a wide margin. In fact, hardly anyone that I saw voted aye.  But just to show us who was in control, the ayes had it in the opinion of the Chair. (Just to be fair, he did tell one truth when he said it wasn’t even close).

So with that message sent, it was on to bigger and better things!

“The rules.” Ah, the rules. No better way to shut people up.   So here we go – blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah – hearing no objection we will move to the vote. And it was just that fast. He was not lying. He heard no objection because there was no pause to make one.  But it did not work. The pee-on’s would have none of this. We yelled until would could yell no more, (clever these little fascists, we could be easily out voted because we all lost our voices).

So even though we lost our voices, the rules vote came up and again we defeated it. But in the opinion of the Chair the ayes have it (ain’t house rules grand?).  Well, you would think that in an important vote even if it were close either way you would like to know which way it went, wouldn’t you? So we yelled a lot more for a roll call (even a lot of honest Trump supporters joined us in this).  Oh, I forgot the Trump whips were illegally voting, and the results had been pre-determined.

So this is how it is going to be.  The best analogy that I came up with was like sitting in a theater with an audience watching a very bad movie and a lot of the audience members are yelling at the screen in hopes to make a better movie. In the end it just screws up the movie for the ones that are enjoying it and frustrates the people hoping to fix it.

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Break for lunch. We are in suits, ties and such things. They  send us outside in 90+° and 99% humidity, herd us into pens and say wait, there is a protest outside and for our own safety we cannot go forward or back into the arena. Very nice.  Some did make it out for lunch or dinner and they got a giant meatball with one small tooth pick to eat it with, no utensils allowed. A candidate might show up and get forked! (seriously, that is what one delegate was told). But for some of us, all we got was a bit of dehydration for lunch.

Now we return for the evening. There were some good speakers and some not so good. But just to let anyone that is reading this,  know it will speed up.

Tuesday afternoon. It’s the big day. We are going to nominate someone. Oh, the anticipation. Who will it be? Who will it be?


Well, remember that little rules thing that we passed almost unanimously, (well according to the Chair)?  It has this great clause that I will paraphrase; All delegates are bound to vote for the candidate that won their state caucus or primary, apportioned as we see fit; provided that we GOPe approve of the candidate chosen by the voters, else we can just change the outcome to fit our wishes and we will come up with any necessary rule to take care of the discrepancy. 

Just like Utah, we know that Utah supported Ted Cruz by almost 70%. So when the Utah Chair got up and said all of their votes go to Cruz, the Chair promptly repeated the count as all in for Trump. Like I said before, ain’t house rules great?

Well they made it.  Trump is the nominee, not that there was any doubt about that. It just seemed so unifying to keep kicking us while they had us down.  Nothing more unifying then repeatedly being told to sit down and shut up, loser. More speakers. Some good some not so good. But the fight was taking its toll on us, but tomorrow was the day that us Cruz supporters were waiting for.

Wednesday afternoon. We went to a private reception for Cruz supporters. Ted and Heidi were there to personally thank each and every one of us.  It was great and a preview of his speech about freedom and the fight that is ahead of us; that none of us will be able to stay in the fight alone, we need each other. But the main focus of this speech was to thank us all from the bottom of his and Heidi’s hearts. This you may have heard about. At one point Ted said that the party has chosen its nominee and the crowd started to boo. Just at the moment of the booing, Trump had organized a low altitude flyover with a Trump plane, I am sure to disrupt, but timing was perfect and very funny.


Wednesday night, on the floor. Ted gives a good speech about pulling together to fight for freedom, fighting against Hillary, stopping the leftist surge and other such hateful things.  But the Trumpster was not done, he has his goons, the ones in the green yellow hats if you saw video, organize the effort to disrupt the speech. The media likes to say it was spontaneous. But I can assure you that there was nothing spontaneous about it.  Just Trumplstilskin being the man-child he is. So someone will have to tell me about the Pence speech. I was done, and I left.

I did not return to the convention. You see, God had mercy on me and gave my wife a migraine. So I stayed back at the hotel to take care of her and I was happy to give my credentials to an alternate who had jumped on the Trump train. He would enjoy it and I would not. Besides, they warned us that the freedom-loving fascist would be locking the floor down so no-one could leave the floor and embarrass the nominee with the mass exodus when Trump came out to speak.

Don’t you feel proud to be a Republican, political theater at its finest?

WSRP Chair Susan Hutchison models the latest in car deodorizer head gear.

And by the way, if you live in Washington State, you should know that our state party chair decided to go accost Ted and Heidi after his speech and call him a traitor in front of a few of the media. The story has been reported that she had to be physically restrained. Classy to the end.

I am lucky to live in a state that is going to elect Hillary no matter what the Republicans do, so when I am asked who will I vote for. I can honestly say neither of the Democrats running this year will get my vote. And my vote in this presidential race will not make any difference  anyway, since Hillary will win Washington. There is a lot more to say but I think I have covered most of the low lights.

Since returning to the real world I have softened my stance on Trump vs. Hillary.  I watch the polls and if there is a remote chance that Washington could go for the Frosted Cheeto, then I will vote for him because Hillary is just too evil to stomach.


The Cleveland Delegate Truth Tour

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5 thoughts on “Live From Cleveland: A New Way to Spell ‘Tyranny’ – TYRNC

  1. I find this article:
    is interesting as it talks about the discord with the Republican Establishment and Trump. If they kissed his backside at Cleveland, why this discord? I feel that because Trump says what a lot of people have been saying, like: too many businesses are going overseas due to Obama trade agreements (even the Donald said he takes advantage of the law); as well as illegal immigration is condoned by the government; laws that people have been tried and convicted and are serving are thrown out when it comes to the Democrat (Hillary) elite; and mostly because he is against Obama care and for the 1, 2, 4th amendments.
    Hillary is Obama heavy and the left would like to kill Trump (like all our infighting is producing) and the best way of destroying him is with story’s like the one in the DW today. I like Cruz but he was not chosen by the people to be the flag carrier. So now what do we do, keep making Trump look worse than Hillary? Do we want Hillary to appoint Judges or Trump?
    I will hold my nose and vote Trump, even as my friend, Pat, has said–this being a Red state (and I am looking at the primary Governor’s race) Trump doesn’t seem to have a chance.
    And lastly, Pat I have been to state conventions where the liberal part of the GOP tried to remove the Right to life plank and only by being a majority, we the Right part of the GOP, were we able to keep there. I have never been to a National Convention, but looks like a majority of either side will wind up calling the shots. (Pun intended)–even here on the left coast..


    1. You are so right Ken, and to be specific, had we not sent such a conservative platform committee from across the nation, Trump would have succeeded in his plan to put in a pro-choice plank and a pro gay marriage plank in the platform. I have since heard the only real explanation that makes sense to me as to why the GOPe with the Trump campaign refused any effort to close Republican primaries, so that Republicans were the only ones choosing the Republican nominee. There is a saying that people that are polluting use, it’s “The solution to pollution is dilution”, well in this case we right wing nut jobs that think this party that started out trying to protect innocent lives, (those of slaves), and provide liberty, should continue the fight to protect innocent lives and provide liberty, we, are the polluting faction of this party. Diluting our vote with millions of Democrats prevents conservatives and their candidates from taking back the party of Lincoln.
      I read the article that you linked to and it seems to be close from what I read, (buyers remorse as Eowyn said), and although it is divisive, that is what the media will do now that Trump is our nominee. Are we so foolish to think the massively favorable coverage he got in the primaries would continue once he was running against one of their own?
      I completely agree that we must double our efforts for the down ballot races, because of the Presidential nominee we have chosen. That is why three days after we returned I hosted a rally for Bill Bryant and a number of other Republicans here at my shop and the good news is it was well attended, (about 80, 60 of whom I had never met before). Funny thing happened though, I had all the Trump crap that was given to us at convention, hats, tee shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, all the normal stuff and I offered it to all who came to the rally, not one item was taken or even touched as far as I could see.
      You are right, that Hillary is completely un-qualified to be President, but all indicators point to her massive victory here in Washington, and like I added at the end, if there is a chance she could lose, come November, I will vote for our clown, because after all, he may be pro-choice and pro-gay marriage and pro universal health care, he put an “R” on his signs.


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