A Collective Mugging: Why a Vote For Trump May Be WORSE Than a Vote for Clinton

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That didn’t take long. The mics have barely cooled from the Cleveland Follies and the Trump campaign has lurched into elegiac meltdown mode.

Panicked by the smell of panic, Branch Trumpidians are tripping over themselves in a mad rush to finger-point and cast blame over the fall-out from Oompah Loompah Grande’s latest gaffe, misstep, imbroglio du jour or sheer lunacy. “Dropping out” rumors are running like a three year-old at the Kentucky Derby.

Apparently snake oil isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I know. I know. El Trumpo is The Nominee! So step right up and get along, little Republican doggies. Fall in line behind The New York Snake Oil Salesman. Or. Else. Hillary.

Distasteful as Snake Oil a la Donald may be, some conservatives are reluctantly slurping it up. It typically tastes like: Donald Trump may not be perfect, but he’s better than Crooked Hillary! This election is all about the Supreme Court. Clinton appointees will be a disaster! If Hillary gets elected, sayonara republic! Republicans must UNITE behind ‘our’ nominee!

Often lost in the cacophonous hand-wringing is a dark reality looming larger than any peril posed by the November contest between a New York carnival barker and a New York carnival barker: The collective mugging of the conservative movement. …

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4 thoughts on “A Collective Mugging: Why a Vote For Trump May Be WORSE Than a Vote for Clinton

  1. Nice article Kristine. It is funny how when you point out some of these facts, the list of yeah-butts is very short in content, but continuous.


  2. I subscribe to a Conservative Pro Life/Pro America Blog called Patriot Post. Below is a link from July in which their argument about voting has some good facts. I remember a recent Governor election where a few more votes would have made a big difference. So I will not cast my vote for Hillary or the current liberal governor in any form. Just saying…..


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