Montesano’s ‘Happy Daze’: Go Sit On It, Clerk Babes

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Fear not dear hearts. Montesano Mayor Vini Samuel & Buds are spinning out more toe-tappin’ tunes on their Budget Blues charts. The latest and greatest is Happy Daze: Go Sit On It, Clerk Babes. (You’ll get that with a quick stroll down Henry Winkler/Ron Howard memory lane.) Doo-wop, doo-wop, doo-wop.

You remember the basic tune. Two “laid off” city clerks, Ashlee Sund and Chelsea Anthony, told their story to Conservelocity in EXCLUSIVE! Montesano Clerks Speak Out (Part 1) and THEIR TURN: Montesano Clerks Speak Out (Part 2). The follow up was Queen Vee and the Brown Shirts, Part 3.

Houston, we have an update.

For months, Mayor Vini Samuel, Super Streeter and the Usual Suspects – affectionately dubbed Queen Vee and the B.S. Band – have claimed that the clerk “lay offs” were due to budget woes. You remember them thar city budget woes. They appeared virtually ex nihilo after the eeeeeevil prior administration so screwed up the budget that a keg of kryptonite couldn’t blast fiscal sense out of it.

Well howdy-doodie and golly gee. After the clerks retained legal counsel and filed a grievance, the city hall two-step got a little two-steppier. As in, Change That Tune, kids.

Like, pronto. Now city hall is claiming that Sund “was seen attempting to delete city records by the remaining city Senior Clerk and Mr. Streeter and she was put on Admin leave until end of employment term.”


Vini Letter 2

Seriously?  What public records? When? Where? How? Why? And why bring it up in August? Anyone want to buy some beachfront property in Barstow?

Even though this allegation makes as much sense as serving pork at a Bar Mitzvah, the dastardly deed was supposedly witnessed “by the remaining City Senior Clerk” and our very own Super Dude, “Mr. Streeter.”

Cozy, huh? I mean, no one would ever lie to protect their job with Attila the Hun Chick at the helm, right?

An email from Mayor Sweetheart on the grievance to Teamsters Union dude Jim Pea is dated August 17. The subject line is “Grievance response RE: Sund and Anthony.” Pea forwarded the mayor’s email to Darren O’Neil on August 18. O’Neil is Secretary-Treasurer Teamsters Union Local #252. You know, the good peeps who are supposed to have your back in situations like this.

Mayor Sweetheart’s August 17 missive closes with this li’l bit of sugah:

“Having reviewed all of the information presented, and further, having found that the CBA was not violated as alleged in the grievances, I hereby deny each and every grievance and the requested remedy. Accordingly, the foregoing represents the City’s Step Two written submission in accordance with CBA Article 13.2.2.

Nothin’ sanctimonious or acrimonious there. No siree, Bob!

But wait. It gets better.

An August 25 letter to Sund from Darren O’Neil, Secretary-Treasurer Teamsters Union Local #252, references Queen Vee’s August 17 missive. O’Neil’s letter concludes with:

Based on the foregoing, the Union does not believe that the grievance filed on behalf of you and Ms. Anthony is meritorious. Therefore the grievance is being withdrawn by the Local and no further action will be taken in regards to this matter.”

Translation: Sit On It, Clerk Babes.

Can’t wait for the next toe-tappin’ chart topper from Queen Vee and the B.S. Band. Oh, wait. Here comes Team Happy Daze now. Goodbye gray sky, hello blue… rockin’ and rollin’ all week longDoo-wop, doo-wop, doo-wop: