Commissioner Gordon Caught Doing WHAT?

There are times in matters political-ish when expressions like “good grief,” “well, shoot,” or “you have got to be kidding” don’t quite cover it. Like when a sitting county commissioner is apparently caught removing a challenger’s political signs (hi, Frank).

Via KBKW and Sportsmen Not Buying Weyerhauser Permits, “a listener placed a trail camera near their political signs after several disappeared. This is what they captured:”


gordon-2Via KBKW


gordon-3Via KBKW

There may be a perfectly logical explanation here.

Maybe Commissioner Gordon was looking for the proverbial pot ‘o gold at the end of the rainbow in order to fund another position in the prosecutor’s office. Maybe Ross signs were untidy and Gordon was just trying to clean them up. You know, that good neighbor thing.  Maybe the camera angle was bad. Or it’s not really Frank. Maybe the person in-frame is a clone. (You never know.) Or maybe a coupla Lotto tickets were dangling from Ross signs, wafting gently in the breeze. Maybe the moon is made of green cheese.

In case you’re wondering, this sort of thing isn’t just bad manners or a stray chapter that wandered out of  The Brothers Grimm. Removing or defacing lawfully placed political advertising, including yard signs and billboards, is a major no-no. Spelled misdemeanor.”

But surely no Grays Harbor County Commissioner running for re-election would stoop to removing and dumping a competitor’s signage, would he?

Well, shoot. Or something like that.

What say you?


UPDATE – 12:15 p.m.: We understand that this story will be on KING 5 TV tonite ~ “Interview with the man behind video sting operation.” (Some sources say KIRO 7. You may want to track both.)



3 thoughts on “Commissioner Gordon Caught Doing WHAT?

  1. Another Dem in panic mode! Sore loser Frank. Give him a night in the County Jail. Maybe he can drum up a voter base there.


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