Grays Harbor Sign Nazis, Comment Commandos, and Other Plant Life


It’s Friday. Cyan skies. Soft breezes. September pouring out an infinite bowl of blue. A good day to “tuck in the tail” on a coupla recent doin’s. Like Sign Nazis. And Comment Commandos.

Unless you’ve been in a cave or a coma lately, you’re up to speed on this week’s kerfuffle surrounding County Commissioner Frank Gordon (D) and Sign Gate. Aberdeen’s finest are sorting out what’s what. I have a few questions, too. They include:

  • How long has this been going on?
  • How many other non-Democrat candidates have lost signs to similar shenanigans?
  • If you look at the time/date stamp on the now-famous (or infamous) trail camera footage from Willow and Sumner, the incident in question took place smack in the middle of a work day. Your tax dollars at work?
  • Does a county commissioner’s job description include sign patrol? Did I miss that?
  • Who died and made Frank Gordon the county Sign Nazi?
  • What if a Republican was caught doing same?

Besides the apparent illegal conduct here, what was Gordon thinking? What could he possibly hope to gain by removing opponent Randy Ross’s signs? Like the race is going to be decided on the basis of signage? Seriously?

Talk about unforced errors. Yowza.

Be interesting to see how this plays out. Based off primary numbers and the like, I was figuring on the District 2 commish race breaking about 70/30 for Ross in November. But after this? How ‘bout 90/10?

While we’re on the subject, how and when do you think the local Party of Debt, Dependency and Duplicity will respond? I mean, shoot. Frank. Vini. Jay-Jay. Patty and Maria. Barack. Hillary. Bernie. What’s one more kleptocrat in the Ever Blue Kleptocracy?

Turning a corner…

Regarding Comment Commandos, here’s a friendly reminder: If you don’t get snark, you’re on the wrong blog.  If you can’t or won’t differentiate between serious, hard news and opinion/commentary, you’re on the wrong blog. If you have the sense of humor of a poached egg, you’re on the wrong blog.

If you don’t qualify for the first half of these conditional clauses, you’re on the right blog. And we love you!

Now that we’ve straightened that out, here are a few more friendly reminders regarding comments per se. I don’t have to allow any comments. Like, zip.  I choose to allow reader comments because dialogue can be more interesting than monologue. Besides. Some of you are pretty darn insightful. Witty and engaging. Eloquent. Fun.

I may grant some leeway to comments that are boring, redundant, or evidence the mental acumen of a potted plant. But I don’t have to. Most of my regular readers understand this. They steer clear of plant life and such. But if your comment just doesn’t cut the mustard, don’t expect it to see the light of day here.

So. Let me make this extra easy for those who missed it: Comment Policy. (Translation for Comment Commandos: “Comment Policy.”You’re welcome.

In a nutshell: My blog. My rules. Savvy?

Now. Go out and soak up some sun. Looks like it’s going to be a great weekend. Have a good one.


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