Dear Nameless San Francisco 49er QB:


Dear Nameless+:

You poor baby.

You sat during the national anthem in the first three NFL preseason games and kneeled in the fourth to protest racial injustices in the United States.

You don’t want to “show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”

You took flak for it.

Unbelievable. I mean, geez. Don’t all those nasty, narrow-minded critics realize that your disrespect of the national ensign, symbol of all you can’t stand about eeeevil, racist America, understand how tough you have it?

We all know that standing for two whole minutes of “Oh say, can you see?” will do you irreparable harm. Ruin your Cinderella career. Cause your knees to go wobbly. Some may even misinterpret standing for the national anthem and honoring the national ensign as respecting our Armed Services – the very people who bleed and die to ensure whiners like you continue to enjoy the freedoms you seem to hold so lightly. (Doubtless that’d go over really well just about anywhere else, huh?)

Here’s a little rockets’ red glare for you, cupcake: Even those who disagree with you will acknowledge your First Amendment rights. You can park it on the football field if you so choose and can’t find a more appropriate venue. Here in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, you have every right to your opinion. And so does every other American who takes exception to your behavior.

Newsflash: You’re not the only one who can make a choice. While you’re busy being oppressed and downtrodden, those who don’t appreciate your disrespect can choose, too. We can choose to not honor you with our attendance, consumer dollars, or attention.

Some of us are just funny that way.

Btw, last time I checked, both Nevada and Chicago were part of the eeeevil U.S. So when are you planning to refund that football scholarship from the University of Nevada? Apologize to the Chicago Cubs when they drafted you to pitch for them in the Big Leagues? Ditto making it to the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, let’s at least make “protest time” productive, shall we? Here’s some homework. Next time you’re busy parking it or taking a knee, check out: America: Imagine The World Without Her. Yeah. Lose the shoulder chip. Ditto Howard Zinn, Van Jones, and Ward Churchill. Pick up D’Souza for a change. Like:

Btw again, if America is so eeeevil and unjust, what are you doing to make it better? What private organizations are you engaged with*? What charities do you donate to*? What positive impact are you making in your own community? What youth sports teams do you sponsor? What USO do you support? At what food bank, literacy program, disaster relief agency, or pregnancy resource center do you volunteer? Are you teaching young black men to follow the lawful orders of a police officer so they don’t get shot?

If your answer is “none of the above” Mr. Nameless, here’s a tip: Either engage or shut up. I mean that in the nicest PC way possible. Oh, and have a nice un-oppressed day while you’re raking in more dough than most Americans see in a lifetime, you poor soul. (If that’s what “oppression” looks like these days, where do I sign up?)

One last thing: If what so proudly we hail so offends thy tender sensibilities, leave. Nobody’s forcing you to stay here. I hear the Baghdad Bears are recruiting. Need any help packing?

Peace out.


+ Pardon me for not mentioning you by name. That’s not an oversight. I’m not in the habit of giving a multi-million dollar cry baby more attention by splashing his name all over my blog.

* You recently announced your decision to put your money where your mouth is by donating $1M to “organizations that help communities.” The announcement came after the sit/take a knee imbroglio. Nice. I gotta ask: Which “organizations”? Can I get a list?