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I get most of my news from Facebook, these days. Well, that and email and texts and phone calls. I just read that there was a public hearing about annexing some property to Montesano. I never read anything anywhere that the hearing was going to happen. Was this done on purpose to avoid public involvement? There are several ways to get the information to the public that there is going to be a hearing about land annexation. If it was considered important enough for a hearing, why wasn’t the public informed of and invited to the hearing in a publicly recognizable way?+

I read Montesano Matters and the Montesano Chamber pages all the time to keep up with what the city is doing. I also read A Closer Look at Montesano’s Mayor. I used to read Monte Watchdog before it disappeared, too. I like to see all the different views of what’s going on.

The Chamber page has a thing on it that says there will be a fish and beer festival in Fleet Park. A Closer Look at Montesano’s Mayor has a thing that says alcohol is not allowed in Fleet Park. It quotes a city ordinance. Is the ordinance changing? Is there a variation of some kind being issued? Was there any public invitation to a discussion about that? If so, where was the invitation posted? It seems like discussing alcohol being served in our downtown city park would be just as important as discussing whether we can have a pot store near a place where children gather.

Then all the stuff about buying timber land with no public explanation of anything about it. Over a million dollars for land that might someday pay the city back right after laying off two clerks because the budget was a mess. It seems to me that we’re entitled to know what our city government is considering doing and being at least invited to the discussion instead of having to go digging to find out what the city government did. If that’s too much to ask, then maybe we need a different city government.

Could somebody please make it clear what’s going on?

~ Lotta Bea Essen


+ Remember the apoplectic fit thrown by some tender hearts when the ubiquitous “waterfront sale” of yesteryear allegedly wasn’t broadcast loud and clear to the entire galaxy? Why is the current admin getting a pass on this deal? Have all the pound puppies gone deaf as a post?

RE: “Monte Watchdog” page, affectionately dubbed Club Chihuahua here.  If that page was really concerned about “watch doggin’,” why isn’t it still up and running? You mean there’s nothing to “watch” in Monte anymore – besides We Love Vini? Ditto Montesano Today.

Some of us saw right through both from the get-go.

Funny how they went the way of the Dodo once their darling was installed in the corner office. Of course, they were never about “watch doggin'” anything. Their entire existence hinged on advancing a vicious personal vendetta and destroying the former administration and anyone connected with it. Nice.