FRIDAY FUN: ‘Where There’s Pride In Ev’ry American Heart…’

Regular readers know we have a thing for the Piano Guys around here. They’re just Too. Much. Fun. But we’re not Piano Guy exclusive. No siree, Bob!  We know a good thing when we hear it. That’s why we also love Home Free Vocal Band.

Never heard of this a capella quintet? Well, shoot. Home Free is only the most happenin’ country vocal band around. Their version of an old Lee Greenwood classic is, IMHO, better than the original. You’ll recognize the locale – unless, perhaps, you’re playing second string QB for a certain NFL team. Or your initials are Ward Churchill.

Speaking of which, hey Nameless San Francisco 49er QB: This one’s especially for you, sweetie. You might try it. For a change.

For the grown-ups among us, this is “For veterans everywhere”:



Have a great weekend!