GUEST AUTHOR: Is Anyone Home In Monte City Hall?

5eae5-guy-purplequestionmarkI’ve seen questions asked, but no answers from anyone who claims to represent city government on a lot of issues. It’s starting to seem like the concerns of the citizens of Montesano just don’t matter to them. I have a new question now that I’d love to know the answer to.

How does one go about getting a permit to sell and consume alcoholic beverages in Fleet Park? The advertisements on the Montesano Chamber page say there will be beer and wine in the park. I’ve read numerous questions about the legality, and there have been several responses saying that the beer and wine would be served at Whitney’s across the street. None of the respondents identified themselves clearly as having the authority to answer questions for the administration though. And the advertisements on the Chamber page haven’t changed or had any explanation from anyone claiming to be a representative of the Chamber of Commerce. So I have to believe what I read. There’s nothing else out there.

It just seems to me that being able to have an adult party in Fleet Park, like a wedding reception, birthday party, or a retirement party, would be a very nice option to have. Particularly in the summer months.

beer, beverage, bottles

What kind of a permit do you need to serve beer and wine in the park, or sell it in a nearby business that doesn’t have a liquor license, and drink it in the park?

I think a lot of people would be interested.

Also, The Vidette says there’s free Wi-Fi in spots in downtown Montesano now. I read about it this week. It’s free for 90 minutes. When you log on it says “Montesano Welcomes You.” That’s pretty neat. The only drawback I saw was that you have to know where to be to use it. It works down by the Dennis Company, and by City Hall, but not on 200 block of Marcy Street. I’m writing from memory, but I don’t recall if there’s a signal in Fleet Park. From the story in the Vidette the service is kind of spotty.

Free Wi-Fi Zone
I guess we need to let visitors know where to stand if they want to update their blogs on free Wi-Fi.

Maybe I’m just picky, but this seems like a pretty sad way to do things. If the city is going to offer free Wi-Fi, it seems like it would be planned and verified to cover the whole business district evenly.
~ Lotta Bea Essen.


What’s the going rate for a quick trip through Permits R Us these days?

All together now: Because We Love Montesano!

~ Ed