GUEST AUTHOR: Something Stinketh In Montesano


I read that two clerks were laid off for budget reasons. The city didn’t have the money to pay them. I read Dan Wood’s piece in the Vidette that said the budget was a train wreck and a crisis and some other things that sounded an awful lot like the city was on the verge of being broke and unable to cover its expenses. I think he even said the general fund would be down to zero.

Then last month the city announces it’s spending something like $15,000 on a field at the east end of town, and a $1,350,000 on 320 acres of trees that won’t  pay anything back for over 12 years. Those two things don’t go together very well.

Then we find out that there are allegations about one of the two clerks laid off. Serious allegations. She tried to erase city records allegations and both of the people who are alleged to have said she did, have both said they didn’t t say she did. I’m not a legal scholar, but if she did try to erase city records that seems like it might be a felony. It also seems like it must be at least against some law to falsely accuse her of it in the public square. Why isn’t this being investigated? This all stinks to high heaven.

And I haven’t read anything, anywhere about who the 320 acres of pie-in-the-sky land was bought from or how the sale was negotiated. Was it all above board? With all this other fishy business going on, I don’t think it’s enough that we just deserve to know, people should be demanding to know.

~ Lotta Bea Essen



Ya think? Arf! Arf!

~ Beer Gate ~

– Ed