Why a Vote For Trump Won’t Matter In Washington And What You Can Do About It

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If you live on the Blue Coast and want to waste your presidential vote this year, cast it for Donald Trump.

Before you get all huffy and trot out Chicken Little on me, kindly keep one number in mind: 270. Now, let me explain why that number matters and why a vote for Trump won’t matter if you’re on the Blue Coast (Washington, Oregon, California), and what you can do about it. It involves the Electoral College, the 12th Amendment, and some simple math. …


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2 thoughts on “Why a Vote For Trump Won’t Matter In Washington And What You Can Do About It

  1. I read your posting in the Daily Headlines reporting on Mr. Deace’s comments. The thing that caught my eye was the following:

    “While he doesn’t skip past Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, a poll released Sunday by the Albuquerque Journal shows the former New Mexico governor receiving the support of 24 percent of the state’s voters in a four-way matchup that also includes the Green Party’s Jill Stein. Clinton leads the field with 35 percent, with Trump close behind with 31 percent”,
    IF Johnson could come in #3 in NM (and I have to assume NM has a proportional allotment of electoral votes), then this keeps Clinton or Trump from getting the required number of electoral votes nationwide. OK got that. But what does NM electoral vote splitting have to do with the State of Washington?

    I think what you are getting at, is that Mrs. Clinton has it all wrapped up in Washington State and it doesn’t matter if you vote for a chicken or a duck since Trump can’t win, your vote is “wasted”. Or I can vote for the Idiot Johnson and my vote will have some “weight” in the election. Is this what that means? But then I was taught Montesano Math!

    I would like to argue a vote for Mr. Trump tells the world we not 100% in a hurry to enter into the Socialist/Sharia law Commune. Since I see Mr. Johnson as a worse idiot than either Clinton or Trump, I cannot in good conscience vote for him—let alone anyone else down lower on the presidential ballot. I also know two or three Republicans running in legislative races that do not have a snowball chance in Hawaii of winning, but just because the Democrat will win, doesn’t mean I will write in Mickey Mouse!
    So just maybe my vote will be against Johnson and Clinton, praying deep down that there are enough of us deplorables in Washington State to surprise the nation! And if not, well I didn’t vote for Obama either!


    1. Did you read the piece en toto? The math may not be what you want to hear, but it’s no major mystery. The numbers don’t lie.

      You should also know that the piece is not a “reporting” on Deace comments. Deace’s observations illustrate a broader point outlined in para 2. Same thing with Johnson and NM. No where do I urge a vote for “the Idiot Johnson.” In fact, I explicitly state I am NOT a Johnson fan. Also note that legislative races don’t require 270 Electoral College votes to win.

      You’re missing the point.

      Did you also miss the part about “incentive for voting down – ballot in local and state races”? Voting “against” is a poor substitute for voting For. See “kindly kick out of binary mode.”

      As far as stopping Clinton goes, I agree. See bullet point #4 under “kindly kick out of” + final 2 paras.

      As far as telling the world anything, is THAT what a U.S. presidential election is about? Cuz there are far more effective messengers than Trump as well as much better messaging means than voting for a Sure Loser in the Blue Coast. Hint: local, state, U.S. Senate, ‘brass ring.’

      So vote your conscience. I will.


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