Why Trump’s Use of Female Clinton Victims Doesn’t Quite Work – And What Can


In full damage control mode, Donald Trump appeared with four female Clinton victims at a pre-debate press conference prior to Sunday night’s mudfest. The joint appearance was an attempt to minimize or perhaps deflect from the self-inflicted smash-up his crude ‘Trump tape’ remarks made on his candidacy.

It could’ve worked. It should’ve worked. Except for one thing.

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2 thoughts on “Why Trump’s Use of Female Clinton Victims Doesn’t Quite Work – And What Can

  1. Appears to me there has been enough R “anti-Trump” for him to loose and the redneck folks who said Trump spoke like them and for them (you know the deplorable basket) that they will not vote for the down ticket and the Democrats win 2-4 years or more, control of the country. Too bad, but too late for choosing between the potty mouth and the socialist. Even if Trump steps down (which as you say most likely will not) no candidate can ignite any more than the establishment GOP and they can not win without the non-Republicans and the non-Democrats–independents?. I do notice the Democrats stand behind their un-indited criminal candidate, but the Republicans have to have the perfect candidate to support or vote for. Ah well been a fun ride and lots of words to write for all of us.

    I noted Wikileaks dumped a lot more damaging emails yesterday and today– damaging to whom at this point–that could have made a difference if primadonna Trump had thought 11 years ago to keep his hands and mouth shut. But then who then thought they were being recorded for unauthorized, perhaps illegal release this silly October. At this point can only hope God intervenes.


    1. Trump didn’t know he was mic’ed – that was a stealth move? He didn’t know the cameras were rolling? Didn’t know he was walking into a live interview? It rather strains credulity.

      Rs don’t need a “perfect” candidate. Just one who’s not a pig.

      “Silly October” it certainly is. Pizza, anyone?


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