Ironic, Isn’t It?

columbus(Just to tick off some libs.)

So. Just when you thought this insane election season couldn’t get any insane-ier, the orange Kool Aid crowd pours out another heapin’ helpin’of hydrophobia. A sample screen shot appears below. This is in response to a recent press release distributed by some GOP delegates and alternates to the RNC convention:

berrigan-1 berrigan-2berrigan-3

Ain’t that sweet? (As I recall, Mr. Berrigan launched an unsuccessful bid for WSRP Chair awhile back. Such a charmer.)

A word here: I know several of the press release signatories personally. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a sturdier, more stalwart bunch of patriots anywhere. No one has been more tireless, relentless or ferocious in opposing Camp Clinton than these peeps. So don’t even start with the accusations to the contrary.

Indeed, some of the most rabid vitriol and towering inanities of this election season aren’t coming from Democrats. They’re coming from Republicans. Those who Just Can’t Stand the thought that some refuse to go gently into the Donaldus night and sell their souls for 30 pieces of political expedience. Agree with them, hop on the Trump Train(wreck), or prepare to be savaged. See above.

It’s almost funny. It’s a page right out of the Lefty play book. Classic Saul Alinsky. Browbeat. Ad homin-ate. Try to threaten, intimidate or harass into silence. In other words, out-Democrat Democrats.

Let me count the ironies.

While we’re on the subject – sort of – Guy Benson observes:

… Why, it’s almost as if there’s a reason why hacked Clinton campaign emails show her team eager to elevate this self-destructive alleged billionaire during the Republican primary. They wanted desperately to run against him. Indeed, here’s one confidante writing that perhaps the only person Mrs. Clinton could defeat in the general was her longtime buddy and donor, the unprepared and widely-detested Donald J. Trump:

Andrew Stiles

✔ @AndrewStilesUSA

From new Wikileaks dump: Team Hillary was terrified GOP would nominate anyone other than Trump. GOP came through in the end.

7:32 AM – 10 Oct 2016

Much to Hillary’s eternal delight, a plurality of Republican voters (the weakest in modern primary history) had her back, handing her the opponent she needed to ensure her presidency.  It couldn’t have worked out much better for her, and now her party is smelling blood.  Republicans fear that a wicked blend of Trump’s toxicity to non-Trump voters, swelling Republican disunity, and Trump’s penchant for furious retribution and blame-shift could lead to the loss or one or both of Congress’ legislative chambers. …

Benson’s article is worth a few moments of your time, especially his snippet of a George Will commentary. Brutal.

A brief word about some of remarks from the orange Kool Aid crowd. They’re ostensibly intended to put Conservatives of Conscience on defense. While intended as a slap, the “holier-than-thou” appellation is particularly amusing. Compared to what? one might ask. Sleaze-ier-than-thou? Swine-ier-than thou? Lord, that’s funny.

Newsflash: That tactic ain’t workin’.  Not here. Not now. Not ever.

Newsflash #2: Conservatives of Conscience are not your enemy. Save the flame-throwing for the other side of the aisle. Then kindly check your sight picture.

So calm down, dear hearts. Put down those matches.  However this crazy election pans out, one thing’s for sure and for certain once the dust settles: We’re going to need each other even more. As Ben Franklin put it:

“We must indeed all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Peace. Out.


2 thoughts on “Ironic, Isn’t It?

  1. The Tea Party –extreme right wing-despicable folks had enough of beltway leadership. They were eager to bring someone from outside of that political mindset. They got a lot of those types elected to congress and state legislatures (that are now on down the ticket, fighting for their lives). They kind of noticed it cost a billion dollars to run for President, which they didn’t have and here came Trump. Who said, out loud, what was in our voice and on our minds, he had lots of money and was willing to go up against the establishment. Cut the deficit, stop illegal immigration, stop the drain on 1st & 2nd amendment rights, appoint constitutional judges, et all. Until the illegal recording was released (and the purity call went out) he had a chance.
    But he wasn’t PC (let’s face it unless you are spotless you are not fit to defeat the most criminal candidate ever to run for President) and he had a potty mouth. So now (I have the list) over 160 GOP members of congress and over 100 local, state, national GOP party members, and who knows how many “Never Trump” former candidate supporters have signed up against Trump. Within a month of the election (here in Washington State less than a ½ month) do they think they can put up a candidate to beat Hillary? Or should the question be, Do They Care?

    Let he without sin cast the first stone. Not an exact quote from Jesus, but close enough.

    PS I just heard the price of ammo has jumped 30%. Not because of public buying, but because the Federal Government is purchasing all the production two suppliers can produce and a third ammo manufacturer’s factory has burned down. Of course, Lead ammo is gone because the United States will not allow it to be mined ….reason? …..ready?… causes pollution! Don’t buy stock, buy ammo!

    OLD Ben is correct. However, he might have said had your head cut off.


    1. No idea what your point is. But I’ll approve it anyway. Incidentally, John 8 doesn’t stop at verse 7. Check it out. Thanks for commenting.


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