And Now a Word From Our Sponsor…

You didn’t know we had ‘sponsors’? Well, we do. (Sort of.) One in particular is quite lovely. Sharp as a tack. Faithful and furry. Hilarious.

Now seems like a good time to take a break from the Political Carnivale. So I thought I’d introduce you to this little lady. Her name is Kimber. She’s our newest. Just over four months old. Isn’t she a beauty?

Yes, I’ve read Cesar’s Way cover-to-cover. Twice.

Kimber was quite the nipping machine when she joined us in late August. She’s calmed down quite a bit since then. But she’s a puppy and excitable. If you come visit, I can pretty much guarantee she’ll think the sun rises and sets on you. And greet you accordingly. (I’d bring treats ‘fize you.)

Part Golden Retriever. Part Lab. Part Border Collie. All heart. Way smarter than me. I’m thinking of re-naming her. How does “Einstein” sound? Also in the running: “Senate.” Or “Typhoon.”