Ballot Picks – Decision 2016

This year’s election is shaping up to be one of the most crucial in recent memory. Ballots should be hitting mail boxes soon, if yours hasn’t already arrived. So mark your ballot wisely. Be sure to return it by November 8.

Here’s my version of Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down in select races/ballot measures, starting at the local level. (If you don’t see a specific race here it’s probably because I don’t care. My picks are in italic.)

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Wes Cormier (R) – District 1

Randy Ross (NP) – District 2

Judicial (Grays Harbor):

Kyle Imler




This is a no-brainer for anyone who’s been paying attention to the state of the state for any length of time. Say, 20 minutes or so.

Bill Bryant (R).

Lieutenant Governor

Marty McClendon (R).

Secretary of State

Kim Wyman (R)

Have you seen the silly commercials Wyman’s opponent is running? She’s proudly displaying her Democrat credentials while slamming Wyman for being “partisan.” Give me a break. And don’tcha just loooove the part about same-day voter registration + postage-paid mailings? Translation: Stick it to the taxpayers once again, baby! Thumbs down on the challenger.

State Treasurer Partisan Office 4-year term.

 Michael Waite (R).

*** UPDATE 10.24.16***: I’m withdrawing my endorsement of Mr. Waite after learning that he’s endorsed by Planned Parenthood. Vote Duane Davidson (R) instead.



Mark Miloscia

Attorney General

Incumbent Bob Ferguson (D) has used and abused his office to push a partisan political agenda and punish dissent so often, I lost track. Basically, anybody but him. That leaves Joshua Trumbull (Libertarian).

Commissioner of Public Lands

Steve McLaughlin

19th LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT (Cowlitz, Grays Harbor, Lewis, Pacific, Wahkiakum)

State Senator

Incumbent Dean Takko (D) has been in Olympia since shortly after the discovery of fire. Time for a change.

Sue Kuehl Pederson (IND/GOP).

State Representative, Pos. 2

Brian Blake (d). That’s a small “d.” Intentional, not a typo.

24th LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT  (Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson)

State Senator

Also a no-brainer. House Majority Whip Kevin Van De Wege (D) threw his hat into the ring after Sen. Jim Hargrove announced his plans to retire from the seat he’s held since the Pleistocene Age.

A 10-year incumbent who hasn’t had new idea in 11 years, Van De Wege is a Seattle special-interests captive. He also has a well-worn track record of doing the Pavlovian partisan two-step. Btw, when’s the last time you saw this guy on the Harbor?

Vote Danille  Turissini (Independent GOP).

A proven community leader and bridge-builder with 30 years of public policy experience. An independent voice with fresh ideas. Not a party hack.

State Representative, 24th LD, Pos. 1

George Vrable (R).

State Representative, 24th LD,  Pos. 2

John Alger (GOP/IND).

A note on select races in the 19th and 24th LDs:

Democrats are running scared here. Just take a look/give a listen to some of the ridiculous hit pieces they’re cranking out. Yes, friends, nothing screams “desperate” like slinging mud with both hands and trotting out Chicken Little propaganda. Ditto that faithful DemoLib standby: “Hate.” (Translation: Anyone who dares disagree with them. For shame!)

C’mon, Kevin and Teresa. Stop disrespecting voters with this swill. Put on your Big Boy and Girl Pants and get your heads out of junior high. Sheesh.

Public domain
Public domain


Greg Zempel

David DeWolf

Dave Larson


Don’t skip over these, folks. Some of these aren’t just dumb ideas – they’re hair-raising.

I-1433 “Concerns labor standards” and an increase in the state minimum wage. Would also “require employers to provide paid sick leave, and adopt related laws.” NO.

Sorry, but whether or not an employer provides “paid sick leave’ should be up to the employer, not the state. Ditto wages, which should be determined by the market. (I also gotta ask: What, pray tell, is included in “adopt related laws”?  You could drive a truck through that.)

I-1491, the so-called “Extreme Risk Protection” Initiative: NO

Oh, come on! I-1491 is another Second Amendment infringement by the usual suspects under the so-called “extreme risk protection order” canard. Don’t be fooled by this 21- paged bag of wind. Via the NRA-ILA:

This law would be ripe for abuse by individuals that disagree with the Second Amendment, and the mere insinuation that gun ownership makes you a danger to yourself or others is offensive and insulting.

If a person is truly dangerous, existing law already provides a variety of mechanisms to deal with the individual, all of which can lead to firearm prohibitions in appropriate cases.  Depending on the circumstances, these can include arrest, followed by pretrial detention or release on bond with conditions and monitoring; restraining or no-contact orders; or emergency mental health evaluations and commitments.

There’s also some major issues with the lack of due process.  Find out more here.

I-1501: No.


Follow the moola.

I-1501 is what happens when big labor can’t gets its way via the courts or the legislature. Masquerading as an “identity theft” measure, I-1501 is really a blindside assault on government transparency and the First Amendment. It carves out a special exemption for SEIU from Washington’s Public Records Act – so folks like the Freedom Foundation can’t contact home healthcare workers and inform them about their right not to join a union (read: bag men for DemoLibs). And not be forced to cough up union due$.

For more, see: No on I-1501. Also see: I-1501 isn’t About ‘Privacy,’ It’s About Protecting The Unions’ Monopoly Over Public Information.

I-732, the “carbon emission tax.” NO.

Ballot Initiative 732 “creates a new tax on energy consumed by families, workers and employers.  Billed by proponents as an essential initiative to reverse the impacts of climate change on Washington.”

 Jay-Jay loves this kind of stuff. Enough said? Find out more here.

Note: Just about anything that includes the words “without a vote of the people” coupled with “tax increase” gets a NO vote from me.


U.S. Representative, 6th Congressional District (Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Kitsap, Mason, Pierce).

Incumbent is Derek Let’s All-Sit-Around-the-Campfire, Hold Hands and Sing Kum-By-Yah Kilmer (D).

Todd Bloom (R)

U.S. Senator

Incumbent is Patty Murray (D). You have got to be kidding!!

 Chris Vance (R)


Vote your conscience.

Meanwhile, the vid below seems rather prescient, doesn’t it?

In sum, vote for candidates up and down the ticket whom you trust to defend your freedoms and be faithful to the Constitution. Capiche?


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