GUEST AUTHOR: Just Wondering…

I’m just wondering if anyone in Montesano even cares what goes on in their city government. It sure doesn’t look like it. As near as I can tell, we’re about to have our city ruined by stupid decisions. I don’t like to use words like stupid very often because it’s kind of mean, but I think it applies in this case.

I just heard that the citizens’ utility fund contribution is about to double from 6% to 12%. I also keep reading that the city is punishing the RV Park at Monte Square “ driving people out of town who work and spend money here “for violating some rule that will result in a broken rule. I haven’t read a single complaint anywhere from anyone about any problems caused by the RV Park except the city says they’re breaking some rule. Not to put too fine a point on it, but if a business is bringing money into town and not hurting anyone or causing any trouble except to break a rule, then “ fix the damned rule.

We’re living in the county seat of a county with incredibly high unemployment and not much except talk and lofty ideas for correcting it. What kind of addled thinking is involved in making it harder to do business in town and at the same time making it more expensive to live in town?

We just had a budget crisis that resulted in laying off two clerks and then turned right around and spent $1.35 million to buy a forest, then installed a Wi-Fi system downtown thatings being maintained without tracking the expense of maintenance. Now we’re actively trying to destroy a local business and raise the cost of living for everyone in town. Mismanagement is the nicest thing you can call this.

This is either a deliberate set of steps to destroy our city economy once and for all, or it’s stupidity of the first order.

Does anyone even care?

~ Lotta Bea Essen


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  1. Well Lotta, you seem to be missing the point that a rule has been broken! This type of lawlessness must be stopped, else what are you left with? Dogs and cats living together, that’s what!

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