‘Help Is On The Waaaay!”

You know that line from Mrs. Doubtfire? The one where Robin Williams notices Pierce Brosnan choking on an over-spiced bit of shrimp at a restaurant birthday dinner? Galloping through the restaurant like Secretariat at Pimlico, Williams/Doubtfire hollers, “Help is on the way!”

Well, guess what? Mrs. Doubtfire has hit Grays Harbor, courtesy of the Grays Harbor DemoLibs.

God bless these dear hearts. They’re the local version of “help is on the way” – if you’re wondering how NOT to fill out your ballot. Short version: Just fill in every bubble that’s the opposite of what you see below, with the exception of the 19th LD State Rep., Pos. 2. (Forwarded by an alert reader).

One race is conspicuous by its absence. Why do you think that is?





2 thoughts on “‘Help Is On The Waaaay!”

  1. Jones or Reykdal, that one is tough! Reykdal is most definitely a socialist, and there are some good people that have endorsed her, but I no nothing about her. But if she is who the Democraps want, Does that mean she is left of Reykdal?


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