‘Phasers on Stun’: What Are I-1491 Proponents REALLY After?

The gun-grabbing, tofu-munching, 2A-infringing, Chardonnay-swilling crowd has trotted George Takei out of moth balls to bolster support for their latest stupid idea: I-1491.  (See this brilliant post for background on this deeply flawed initiative.)

I received the following email from “Mr. Sulu” today. It was actually from the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, the bunch that’s pushing I-1491. Subject line was, “darkest day in history.” Yes, all lower-cased. (History buffs might argue that the Battle of Gettysburg, the sinking of the Titanic, Hiroshima, or maybe, um, Good Friday might rightfully earn the “darkest day” moniker. But let’s not split hairs here, okay?)

Weighing in on I-1491, the so-called “Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO)” initiative, George had this to say:

From: George Takei info@wagunresponsibility.org


The Pulse nightclub massacre will forever be one of our nation’s darkest days. I was overcome with grief, and knew I had to take action. So I founded One Pulse for America, a group dedicated to closing the “Passion Gap” on the issue of gun violence.

I could not help but be haunted by one thought: The Pulse massacre could have been prevented if a dangerous man hadn’t been able to obtain a cache of guns and ammunition.

That’s the truth with so many of the terrible shootings that we’ve witnessed, whether we’re talking about Newtown or San Bernardino or Tucson or any other tragedy.

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility agrees. It’s making sure that the deaths of countless Americans to gun violence will not go unanswered. Alliance is honoring their memory by fighting for Initiative 1491 to enact an Emergency Risk Protection Order (ERPO) policy for Washington state.

Please join me by pledging to support Initiative 1491 and help end gun violence >>

ERPOs give families and law enforcement the ability to keep guns away from people who could harm themselves or others — preventing tragedies before they happen. We must do everything we can to make sure Initiative 1491 passes on November 8th.

America’s gun laws are critically flawed. We need better interventions for individuals in crisis. The focus needs to be on prevention. That’s why I-1491 is such an exciting measure. Help me save lives by supporting it. (Emphasis in original.)

What’s the “Passion Gap”? Just wondering. Speaking of which, if you want to know more about One Pulse for America, click here.

Anyway, doesn’t knowing that Mr. Sulu is on the job help you sleep better at night?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the Starship Enterprise and crew as much as the next person. But seriously. America’s gun laws are “deeply flawed”? How?  I-1491 is “an exciting measure”? Compared to what?

I particularly love the “focus needs to be on prevention” line. Of course, the core issue regarding the tragedy at the Pulse nightclub was a heart problem, not a hardware problem. So I’m kinda of wondering, how does that “prevention” stuff work when the matter is internal? We’re going to pass more laws to make sure no one’s evil? We’re going to “save lives” through “preventative” or pre-emptive frontal lobatomies?

Think of it like this:

  • Eating too much Ghirardelli’s can lead to a diabetic coma. Let’s focus on “prevention” and shut them down.
  • Heart disease is a leading cause of death in America. Help me save lives by mandating a daily intake of kale, spinach and tofu for every man, woman, and child in America. On pain of arugula!
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor… oh, never mind.
  • My name is Hillary Clinton and I am not a crook! Believe me.

Not to point out the obvious here or anything, but since when has the Left been concerned with “saving lives”? Someone might want to bring up their undying support (pun intended) for Planned Death-hood. (Newsflash: guns save lives, too. Hello?)

Anyway, have you noticed the shift in Lefty rhetoric this election? It’s slight, but it’s interesting. Hint: “Prevention” has replaced “safety.” Because you peon citizens are too dumb to know how to take care of yourself and keep you and your families’ safe. You need more, bigger government to “help” you. With dumb ideas like I-1491.

This isn’t new. In fact, when it comes to implementing their agenda via initiative, the usual Lefty “phasers on stun” narrative goes something like:

  • Trot out some newfangled or newly regurgitated lunacy that can’t get past the legislature, the courts, or any citizen watchdog groups wise to a frontal assault.
  • Take the same Constitution-impinging, freedom-infringing, government-bloating stupidity and try to slide it past the asleep-at-the-switch crowd as an “initiative.”
  • Give it some fancy, benign title to confuse, diffuse, camouflage, or obfuscate the real agenda. Or all of the above. This works really well if you tune up a full orchestra with extra violins and soft lights. Bonus points if you throw in the word “protection.”
  • Pitch it as “for the children” or a “public safety” measure. If you’re short on violins, throw in some irrelevant but heart-rending stories about domestic violence or abused animals.
  • Get a bunch of dumb bells to sign on (hi, Seattle).
  • You’re home free in November. Or Pretty. Darn. Close. Especially if you can dredge up a Hollywood has-been to pitch it for you.

The pro-1491 contingent, affectionately dubbed the Arts & Croissant Crowd, have graciously posted a video to demonstrate. See below. Note the title. Posted on October 22, the video is dubbed “Washington, Vote Yes on I-1491 for Gun Control!” (Emphasis added.)

Someone may have tipped their hand more than they intended with that title. Off-script a bit, or true lies?

In case you’re in a hurry, let me point out a few worthwhile highlights from the vid. Like the second speaker. Sporting a nifty red “Moms Demand Action” T-shirt, she says something you may want to chew on:

“We have come a long way here in Washington. But there’s more we can do. And that starts with passing 1491. … Let’s pledge to do more….” (At about 1:20.)

What in the h-e-double tooth picks does that mean? Guess: The Arts & Croissant and ‘Prevention’ Crowd won’t stop with I-1491. That’s their starting point. Their words, not mine:

If “reducing gun violence,” holding-hands-around-the-campfire and singing kum-by-yah starts with I-1491, what’s next?

Incidentally, Jay Inslee puts in an appearance on this vid, too. At about 5:39. He insists, straight-faced, that “gun violence” is a “public health menace” and equates it with automobile accidents. (I’m not sure that driving is included in the Bill of Rights. Did I miss that?)

Btw. Not to get picky here or anything, but guess where Takei lives? Hint: It’s not in the People’s Republic of Washington. Beam him up, Scotty!


Also see: I-1491 and the Boo-Hoo Brigade.


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  1. I can’t believe you used that word, “Croissant”. You know those are scary and they kill people. It is not just that they are shaped just like a futuristic gun of sorts, they are filled with…you…OH…OK… I’ll say it…Butter. When will this madness ever end, butter filled gun shaped killing machines, that is what they are. Won’t someone in the government step in and save us? It they won’t do then, then I guess it is up to us, let start an initiative, I BS6868, Stop the Croissant! I’m sure we will have no problem collecting millions of signatures.


    1. I have it on good authority that croissants are only truly lethal in conjunction with strawberry jam. In a glass container. Where do I sign up?

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