Strange Things Done In The Monte Sun…


There are strange things done in the midnight sun
By the men who moil for gold;
The Arctic trails have their secret tales
That would make your blood run cold;…

– Robert Service, The Cremation of Sam McGee

Strange things are seeping out of the Montesano mayor’s office. We’ve been sitting on some for awhile, watching and listening. But now we must wonder out loud: What does Mayor Vini Samuel have against an RV Park/campground in Monte Square?

The park/campground is located just off the highway at the entrance to the city. Because it is viewed as a “campground,” people are only allowed to stay there 30 days per year. This “campground” brings in taxes, sales on food, car sales, etc.  So why is Mayor Samuel suddenly on the war path against it?

Dan Wood, currently the “voice of reason” on the matter, would like to change the allowable stay to 180 days per year. At the last council meeting, Mayor Samuel reportedly went nuclear when the discussion turned toward creating a new park ordinance to that effect. She finally yelled so loud that Dan Wood backed down.

This raises more questions than it answers. A few might include: Is Mayor Samuel trying to anger and alienate a perfectly sound businessman who provides a real tax boost to the city? Has the mayor lost it?  Not only is she yelling at the council, monopolizing executive sessions, pushing her views down every throat in attendance, but she also called the Department of Ecology on the park/campground matter. Inquiring minds may rightly wonder, Why? And what’s next, the Army Corp of Engineers? WikiLeaks?

Reliable sources inform us that on the afternoon of Friday last, Mayor Samuel held a “secret meeting” at the Fire Department. Only “special” people were allowed in, such as CFO Doug Streeter, Rep. Derek Kilmer, his aide, a local developer, and some business men. What’s up with that?

All of a sudden Vini is asking the public “… where in Montesano would you want this new type of park to develop?” See second story, RV Park, on page two of Montesano Update, October 2016:


A new type of park? Why? Have Montesanoans been beating down the door to the mayor’s office demanding a change in the current configuration? The current park/campground has been operating for a couple years. Why is this all coming to a head now? Sound like Montesano love to you?

Finally, why is a U.S. Congressman involved in matters relating to a local RV park?  Are “sweetheart deals” being cut in the “midnight sun” on potential property sales for said new park? Is Mayor Samuel using her office to “moil for gold” – or something else? Do Monte trails have secret tales?

Is this fun, or what?


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  1. You can bet there must be some moiling going on somewhere. Good question on Boy wonder, Derek Kill-more? Is there an abortion clinic nearby, Planned Parenthood maybe?


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