Grays Harbor’s Blue Wall Is Cracking (Finally)

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You already know that Grays Harbor went red in the presidential race for the first time since shortly after the discovery of fire. While the People’s Republic of Washington went blue in this race, Trump/Pence won going away on the Harbor, by about 50% to 44%. Folks, that’s remarkable. Champagnesque.

You also know that the Left Coast went blue as a bloc in the presidential. Just like I said it would. Ditto that’s it all about Electoral College votes. That it looks like it’ll come down to Pennsylvania. Just like… oh, never mind. (Some states are still too close to call as of this writing.)

You also know that altho Bill Bryant came up short statewide, he holds a whisker-thin edge over The Other Guy here, 50.55% to 49.45% as of tonight.

Here are a few more observations about tonight’s initial election results in select races in Washington. Let’s call this “good things come in small packages.” Or “grab an oar.”

Lieutenant Governor

Tonight’s initial returns have Marty McClendon (R) trailing Cyrus Habib (D) by about nine percentage points statewide. McClendon was woefully under-funded compared to Habib, but still turned in decent numbers. In Grays Harbor, McClendon is currently ahead, 52.53% to 47.47%. Team Marty-GH was small – think handful – but stalwart. It made a difference locally.

State Senate – 24th LD

It’s no big surprise that uber lib Kevin Van De Wege has racked up a substantial lead district-wide. But look closer. With about three percent (3%) name recognition when she filed to run in May, Danille Turissini (Ind. GOP) earned more than 40% of the vote in two counties (Clallam and Grays Harbor) – against a 10 year-incumbent and House Majority Whip. Unfortunately, she took a pounding in Jefferson. (Going out on a limb here to say Rob McKenna’s radio ad in which he couldn’t even get her name right probably didn’t help. Ugh.)

Look again. While Turissini is down about 18 points district-wide, the gap narrows considerably in Grays Harbor, where she trails by about seven+ points, 46.39% to Van De Wege’s 53.61%. In fact, of the three counties in the 24th LD, Turissini posted her strongest numbers in Grays Harbor. That’s amazing. Why? Because Team Turissini-GH consisted of like, three people who did any actual, real work over the long haul. That’s it. Three. And it resulted in her strongest showing in three counties. Not enough to win. But better than in any other county.

Meanwhile, the dumb bell vote was on full display when it comes to ballot initiatives.

Most local races panned out pretty much as expected, with incumbent Grays Harbor County Commissioner Wes Cormier (R) handily out-distancing challenger Jamie Nichols (D), about 55% to 45%. Randy Ross beat out incumbent Frank Gordon in a landslide. This means, of course, that Democrats have just been shut out of the commission for the first time in….what century is it?

Yes, friends, Grays Harbors’ Ever-Blue Wall is cracking. Finally. Did someone say, “sea change”?

You may want to grab an oar.

*** Bonus points: The GOP has retained control over both the House and the Senate. Let’s see what they do about repealing Obamacare, stopping ISIS, repealing Obama’s  executive order excesses, securing our southern border, repealing the Johnson Amendment, and SCOTUS confirmations. Read: constitutional  originalist to replace  Scalia. To name a few.




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