An Open Letter to Anti-Trump ‘Protestors’


Surprised by the level of vitriol and sheer lunacy on display in the post-election anti-Trump temper tantrums taking place nationwide?

Well, what did you expect?

This conduct, though deplorable, shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with the claptrap peddled by the pantheon of progressive deities and their willing denizens in the media and the DNC. (Except maybe Hillary. Or James Comey. But that’s another story.) Yea, verily. These ‘protests’ are the natural outgrowth of liberal progressivism and everything that goes with it. So here are a few words for those who are having a collective meltdown over a Trump presidency:

Dear Anti-Trump ‘Protestors’:

Reality 101 must be quite a shock. Especially considering where most of you live, apparently. You think the sun rises and sets on you. That the world exists to fulfill your every whim and want. That a job is a “right.” That there’s no difference between “legal” and “illegal” or if there is, it’s of no consequence. You think “competition” and “capitalism” are dirty words. That the Constitution is a suggestion. That the Worst President in U.S. History is a candidate for beatification. Or … something.

You think you have a right to someone else’s paycheck. That your “fair share” is whatever you decide it is – earned or not. That “wealth redistribution” is The American Way (Tip: It’s not).

You punish dissent. Try to criminalize and/or terrorize honest differences of opinion. Brandish “racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe” and their ilk like rhetorical cudgels because you can’t come up with any decent, logical arguments or facts to support your flawed positions and failed policies.

You demand free speech and freedom of expression for yourself but refuse to acknowledge same for your opponents. You decry “hate” in others while simultaneously spewing some of the most vile, vicious swill imaginable at your ideological foes.

You think constitutional rights are subject to “reasonable regulation” – unless they’re yours.

You live in a fantasy world of “micro-aggressions,” “safe spaces,”  fake “equality,” and participation ribbons.

You rely on a government-centric solution to every problem. Can’t figure out which bathroom to use. You disrespect our flag, sit or kneel during the National Anthem, and more than likely couldn’t place the U.S. Civil War in the correct century or locate Iraq on a world map. You’ll even wear a T-shirt sporting the likeness of a Cuban mass murderer– and have no clue who or what Che even was.

You embrace “equal opportunity” economic disasters and “gender neutral” liberty-cripplers. Think cradle-to-grave dependency on Big Daddy government is “compassion” and that personal responsibility cramps your style.

You can’t repeat history because you never learned it in the first place.

You endlessly sermonize about “tolerance” and “love” but cudgel anyone who dares challenge or disagree with your views into submission or silence. You routinely heap abuse and invective on anyone who doesn’t see things your way, then launch sanctimonious, self-serving lectures about “civility” in public discourse.

You’re “pro-choice” on everything. Except schools. Firearms. Union membership. Elections.

You think a “long-term relationship” is 20 minutes. You’ve never been taught and refuse to learn how or why to deliver a sincere apology. Build a relational bridge. Mend a fence and mean it. “Repentance” is a foreign concept for you. You’re unable or unwilling to put in the hard work of reconciliation or restitution. You have no staying power. Think it’s all about you. So you bail like the cowards you are and expect a government program to take over where you left off, leaving a trail of human wreckage in your wake.

Narcissistic, molly-coddled, and morally bankrupt, you bow down at the shrine of nihilism and worship at the altar of My Body, My Choice. You’ve all but driven the Judeo-Christian ethic out of the public square. You thumb your nose at the concept of the Imago Dei, believe human beings are little more than complicated concoctions of Campbell’s soup, and wonder why teenagers act like zoo animals or high schoolers kill their class mates.

You probably believe that the Clinton Foundation really is a “charity.” And that you’ll turn into a turnip at the stroke of January 20, 2017.

You’re not “warriors,” “crusaders,” “political activists” or a “movement.” You’re not even real protestors.  You’re empty suits. Or yoga pants. You’re professional agitators, anarchistic opportunists and career malcontents who don’t have anything better to do, most of whom can’t even adequately articulate what you’re so darn peeved about.

And you’re ridiculous. No one with half a brain is taking you seriously. In fact, we’re laughing at you and how you react when you don’t get your way in class, at work, in mommy’s basement or at the ballot box. You’d do any three year-old proud.

Well, I’ve got news for you: Honest, decent, hard-working Americans are sick of you.

So suck it up, buttercup. Put on your big boy/girl pants – if you can find them – and get over yourselves. Because the grown-ups are moving in come January. Don’t let the door hitcha on your way out.


Mom and Dad


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Anti-Trump ‘Protestors’

  1. All this violent rhetoric, doors hitting people! Oh the humanity! On the real side of life, this really does come from the infantilization of America. We seem to been able to slow the maturing process by a factor of 10 starting after the little darlings leave school at 20 they are acting like a two year old, by 30 they may have progressed all the way to three. I am not sure when the dematurazation shuts off, but we may have lost a full generation or two, to this terrible two-enty-itisis.


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