Why Is Mayor Samuel on Warpath Against a Monte RV Park?


Strange things continue to slither in and around Montesano City Hall with respect to the RV park/campground and Mayor Samuel’s apparent all-out war on the place and its owner. (For background, see: Strange Things Done in the Monte Sun…) The $64K question, of course, is, Why?

Here are a few additional interrogatories on the subject. Just for fun:

  • Why is Mayor Vini Samuel on the war path against an RV park/campground that generates revenue for the city and has helped boost the local economy?
  • Who’s behind the push for a new ordinance limiting stays to 30-days in a calendar year? Why is Mayor Samuel so adamant on the matter?
  • Why is Mayor Samuel involving the Department of Ecology in her guerre du jour?
  • Why is Mayor Samuel attempting to involve FEMA?
  • Why is a U.S. Congressman attending a meeting related to a local RV Park?

Reliable sources inform us that Mr. Paul Willis of the infamous “waterfront property sale” brought plans to an October 28 meeting with local business leaders called by Mayor Samuel. The plans were not presented at that meeting. So why bring them?

People don’t generally bring plans or designs to a meeting to not present them. So if Mr. Willis didn’t present the plans to all in attendance as reported by eye witnesses, were they presented elsewhere? When? Where? Why? To whom? Did a “pre-meeting meeting” take place? Between whom? To discuss what?

Additionally, if the purpose of the meeting was to discuss improving the local business climate and/or attracting new businesses to the city, why was the meeting private and limited to a few select business owners? Why not open it to all Montesano business owners? (That’s called “ya’ll come” in Mayberry lingo.) Why were invitees cherry-picked? And why meet above the fire department? Why not in council chambers or another venue easily accessible by the public?

Also at the meeting were Rep. Derek Kilmer and his staffer, Nicholas Carr. Why? Find out more about Mr. Carr here. Per his LinkedIn profile:

“I work in regional outreach for Rep. Derek Kilmer in Washington State’s 6th Congressional District. My job consists of broad facilitation between community stakeholders and federal agencies, building local and regional relationships, and analyzing legislative policy to reflect maximum efficiency within communities. I also diagnose solutions for particular problems facing communities and help to sponsor projects that use effective public/private partnerships for resolution.”  (Emphasis added.)

Mr. Carr confirmed by phone that “very preliminary talks” are taking place about Mr. Willis possibly developing an RV Park in Monte.

Ain’t that sweet?

Mayor Samuel claims she wants to drum up new business for “Mayberry.” Is she unaware that the current RV Park is a business, and that it generates valuable revenue and other benefits for the city? Like:

Btw, why in the Sam Hill would anyone want to open a business in Montesano when its mayor is seemingly hell-bent on shutting certain businesses down?

Don’t forget that $64K question.

Furthermore, why did Mayor Samuel pitch a non-profit lawyer friend for a recent vacancy on the city council? Why did she reportedly throw a flaming fit when Tony Chung, son of the original RV Park owner, was appointed to the slot instead of her buddy?  Hello, Vidette?

While we’re on the subject, have you asked city hall how many hours city employees are logging, on the city clock, to fix the hiccups in Mayor Samuel’s “free Wi Fi”? Try it. The response could prove interesting. Or laughable, depending on your frame of reference.

Another source close to Mayor Samuel reports that she wants to build a Yuppie/Urban shopping center for biking, hiking, fishing, and all other things yuppy-ish.  Who’s going to pick up the tab when Vini jumps the Montesano shark to slither up the next rung on the political ladder?

Is this place great, or what?