A ‘Happy Holidays’-Free Zone

It’s December.  Not sure what Colin Kapernick & Co. will be pouting about this time of year, but doubtless they’ll find something. Like replacing the traditional seasonal greeting with “Happy Holidays.” Or something equally vapid. See: praising a recently deceased murderous tyrant as a “freedom fighter” and “poor people’s hero.” (Get many visitors that far from Planet Earth, JJ?)

So. If Happy Holidays is your cup of Scrooge, fine.  Just don’t expect/demand/force me to drink up. Not happenin’.

I do “Merry CHRISTmas.” If that offendeth thee, sorry. Naw. Not really. But if “Merry Christmas” causes you to launch into post-election Idiot Mode (hi, “protestors”), kindly considereth growing some thicker skineth. Cuz you know what? I don’t care. Consider this a “Happy Holidays”-free zone. Kinda like the Democrat-Free Zone the Grays Harbor Board of County Commissioners will be come January.

Now that we’ve got that straightened out, here’s a Christmas  treat from Manheim Steamroller.

I know, I know. You don’t have time to throttle back to warp speed.  Do it anyway. I’m pretty sure it won’t kill you. Give this a quick listen. About five minutes. You’ll feel better.  Really. (Especially good with a steaming cup of hot cider or cocoa and an industrial-sized stash of Ghiardelli’s.  Just sayin’.)

Now.  Breathe:


There. Now that didn’t hurt, did it?

Photo credit: Jeff WeeseFlickr: Nativity. Creative Commons license.