Lockdown at Hoquiam High

Bottom line: No one was hurt. Here’s the scoop, from the source:

The salient portion reads:

“Hoquiam High School administration received a rumor of a 14 year-old student who may have been in possession of a weapon while at school. At approximately 11:00 am, in conjunction with the Hoquiam Police Department the school administration placed the school in lockdown while police and administration responded. The lockdown was lifted by the school administration upon recommendation of the Hoquiam Police Department 11:45 am.”

This exact same message was disseminated by phone to parents. It was on my answering machine. A 12th grader at the school says:

“Mrs. Quigley made the lockdown announcement over the PA around 11:00. She said it was not a drill. I was in Mr. Sanchez’ s class. We locked the doors, pulled the blinds down, and sat in the teacher’s office. The school district gave us no info. Everybody was on their  phones trying to find out what was going on. All the info we did get was from social media. Rumors were flying. I told one of the girls to get on GH Scanner to see if they had anything. Then Mr. Sanchez made it apparent that it wasn’t an active shooter situation. Apparently the kid had been in trouble before. The police took care of it. I’m glad everyone was okay.”

Thank God at least one kid kept his head.